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Issue N. 189 - Summer Edition 2018
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Tony Livoti

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Shay Adams
AIM Medical Sales


Dr. Edward Valeau
Els Group LLC
Hartnell College
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Marcelo Siero

Jim Faith
Jim Faith & Associates

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MBITA New Member:
Silicon Valley Synergy

BlockChain: A New Horizon for Global Trade

The Blue Silicon Valley Features New MBITA member, Integral Consulting

Micro-Grids Disrupt Energy Markets With Developing Countries Eager for Adoption

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After 23 years in publication the World TradeWinde eZine took a hiatus but we are back online keeping up with the explosion of innovation in our global marketplace. This issue contains some exciting developments in our fast changing world like, 'Blockchain' technology for global trade, micro-grid energy for developing and developed countries, and an update on the emergence of the California's 'Blue Silicon Valley'. Enjoy.

Tony Livoti
Tony Livoti


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MBITA New Member,
Bob Staedler of Silicon Valley Synergy

In the past years of the emergence of 'Silicon Valley' as a world center for innovation and investment, the downtown of California's 3rd most populated city, San Jose, Ca. is poised to welcome Google into its transformative downtown growth plans.

Google plans a game-changing transit village consisting of 6 million to 8 million square feet of offices. About 15,000 to 20,000 Google workers that equal their employment now in Mountain View could occupy office complexes that would reshape San Jose's urban core and may eventually end up stretching over 50 acres, that's twice as large as Apple's new HQ in Cupertino, Ca. which now accommodates 15,000 to 20,000 employees.

Enter new MBITA member Bob Staedler of SVSYNERGY, who joins the MBITA membership ranks offering a unique set of economic development and real estate investment services and together with MBITA/TradePort's global trade promotion service network, are ready to provide bilateral trade and investment services into the 'heart of Silicon Valley' and help lead the amazing 'Google Village' expansion program into the 'New' San Jose, Ca.

Bob is a 20-year veteran of economic development, government relations and real estate projects. He is widely known for taking on complex and difficult projects, creating consensus, and delivering positive outcomes. Experience working in government, university and private sector environments helped him understand the critical need for results in ever challenging times.

Bob started his career as an owner's representative for Stanford University in the Capital Planning and Management group. There he learned the process of executing state of the art capital planning and delivering large development projects. Notable projects include: Hewlett and Packard buildings (226,000 sf at $126 million), Cantor Art Center, and various other projects. He also managed the five-year capital plan that went before the Stanford University Board of Regents.

Bob was then recruited by the San Jose Redevelopment Agency. As the Real Estate Manager, he managed a real-estate portfolio valued at approximately $225 million and transacted over $450 million of real estate for the Redevelopment Agency. There he purchased the properties in Diridon Station area that are now under contract for the Google Village project, 8M sf development.

MBITA and SVSYNERGY are poised and positioned perfectly to reach out to the global network of investors that are always looking for a piece of Silicon Valley.

Check out Bob's interview with the San Jose Mercury News:

Bob Staedler portrait

Bob Staedler
Silicon Valley Synergy
West St. John Street, Suite 702
San Jose, California 95113
Cell. (408) 234-4029

Web: https://www.svsynergy.com/


BlockChain: A New Horizon for Global Trade

Marcelo Siero portrait

Marcelo Siero


Welcome to the first volume of a new periodical in the World TradeWinds eZine called, 'Got Technology' which is created from the desk of Marcelo Siero, entrepreneur, Silicon Valley pioneer, computer technologist and MBITA board member


I attended two fantastic events last year on Blockchain distributed ledger technology and Artificial Intelligence in Silicon Valley and after much research and reflection I am positive that Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies are poised to change and disrupt everything, including how the world goes about its business.

In this first article of a series, I will talk about the Blockchain, also referred to as DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology), and how its applications apply to global trade. Subsequent articles will also discuss the impact of the up and coming Artificial Intelligence (AI) revolution.

Blockchain is the technology underlying the application and distribution of the original Bitcoin cryptocurrency and now many other new cryptocurriencies are being launched. Bockchain has the properties of being open and free of secrecy, while simultaneously allowing anonymous, online, verifiable secure transactions to occur.

The Blockchain technology of Bitcoin originated in 2009 with the publishing of the research paper: 'Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System' from an enigmatic author, Satoshi Nakamoto, whose identity is mysteriously unknown. A single, small transaction performed in 2009 started a process that has grown to a present cryptocurrency circulation valued today well in excess of a $100 billion dollars and continuing to grow.

What is Blockchain? Digital cryptographic signatures can anonymously identify the parties of a chain of financial transactions all of which get added to a publicly distributed ledger, the Blockchain. Verification of the entries in the ledger is accomplished without the need of central authorities like banks. The verification is accomplished via an innovative activity described as 'mining' which provides several functions.

'Mining' occurs when 'miners', savvy computer technologists and firms located all over the world; perform a computationally intensive consensus task that serves to prove the veracity of the chain of transactions in this distributed ledger.

For performing this valuable 'mining' function, the 'Miner' becomes rewarded with newly created cryptocurrency according to the 'mining' protocol. As such, 'mining' serves the additional function of introducing cryptocurrency into the economy, while at the same time putting it to use as a viable currency of value.

The Blockchain protocols are designed to perform this cryptocurrency creation process in a highly predictable and controlled manner. In the case of the Bitcoin Blockchain, the incentive gets halved every time 210,000 blocks are added to the chain. The end result is that the number of Bitcoins in circulation never ends up exceeding 21M BTC [3] which is designed to keep the rate of cryptocurrency growth under control.

Another important digital currency is the 'Ether', which is part of the Ethereum Blockchain protocol. Ethereum extends the blocks of the Blockchain by adding mini-scripts to each block that can implement so-called 'smart contracts'. This evolving technology adds exciting and innovative functionality that goes beyond simple monetary transactions and will simplify and verify secure and verifiable digital contracts (transactions) for many different kinds of industry sectors.

While early-on being viewed with great suspicion, the perception of Blockchain technology is rapidly changing. Wall Street and Silicon Valley Venture Capital firms are now, and are in the future expected to pour vast investments towards further distributed ledger technologies [2].

Since the Blockchain peer-to-peer technology does not need to be connected to any central institution or government, it can be well suited to achieve wide spread use in a global setting. Blockchain has the potential to streamline the documentation, logistic and financial hurdles of consummating an import/export or domestic transaction. For example, in a normal import/export transaction there are various 3rd party service providers, such as, banks, trade finance institutions, insurance providers and 3rd party service providers needed to consummate the transaction. Blockchain technology will allow the importer and exporter the ability to perform many of these functions directly resulting in a more cost-effective and efficient transaction for both the importer and exporter.

Blockchain applications in global trade can be a windfall for small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs), and especially for the new 'micro enterprises (MEs) of the 'flat world' that now proliferate the global marketplace with innovative and competitive products and technologies. These direct online Blockchain technology alternatives will allow SMEs and MEs to enter new global markets more effectively and efficiently and also to be more competitive against larger players when conducting bilateral trade and investment in the global marketplace [3].

In conclusion, Blockchain technologies are an important and major disruption in the business world spreading quickly throughout the global landscape like a runaway freight train, so jump on and hold on tightly for another exciting turn in technology.

Got Technology plans to keep you abreast of Blockchain's evolution and how it applies to the global trade industry so stay tuned for our next article, 'The Advent of Neural Network Based AI: Nothing Will Ever Be the Same'.

[1] https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Controlled_supply
[2] https://www.wired.com/2016/02/wall-street-is-embracing-the-blockchain-its-biggest-threat
[3] https://smeadvisor.com/finance/blockchain-for-business/

Integral Consulting logo

The Blue Silicon Valley Features New MBITA member, Integral Consulting Inc

The Blue Silicon Valley Features New MBITA member, Integral Consulting, Inc.

Integral Consulting, Inc. bases a significant portion of their Marine Sciences and Engineering practice in Santa Cruz, CA on the northern end of Monterey Bay California. Integral’s capabilities in coastal and ocean services span marine environments from industrial harbors and coastal estuaries to the open ocean and deep sea.

We have extensive experience in marine renewable energy, contaminated sediment and water quality investigations, port and harbor remediation, and environmental risk assessment. Our marine scientists, ecologists, oceanographers, and engineers address complex marine science questions using state-of-the-science instrumentation, analysis, and computational techniques to conduct field and modeling studies.

Integral Consulting has successfully completed projects across the globe for a variety of clients, including government agencies and private industry, and in collaboration with other consultancies. In particular, Integral's ocean monitoring systems obtain meteorological and oceanographic data for routine industrial monitoring and scientific studies. Please contact us for collaborations across all marine sciences and engineering projects.

The Blue Silicon Valley was coined on Wikipedia about two years ago because of the Monterey Bay's prolific marine science research network where over 30 different organizations conduct marine and biology science research in what some call the 'serengeti of the sea'.This Blue Silicon Valley marine science network has a combined annual budget of over $320 million making the Monterey Bay of California in one of the most researched bodies of water in the world. MBITA and its partners are now working on ways to commercialize the many cutting-edge marine science technology, products, services and expertise emanating from the Monterey Bay.

men using equipment in the ocean
Craig Jones portrait photo

Craig Jones
Ph.D. | Principal Consulting
Marine Sciences and Engineering
Integral Consulting Inc.
200 Washington Street, Suite 201
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Tel. (831) 466-9630, ext. 872
Fax (831) 466-9670

web: https://www.integral-corp.com/

Micro-Grids Disrupt Energy Markets With Developing Countries Eager for Adoption

World TradeWinds eZine had the great pleasure to cover the 'Grid Edge Innovation Summit' in San Francisco in May of 2018 produced by GreenTech Media, a leader in energy related information. To say Micro-Grid technology is a disruption in the energy marketplace is a major understatement as the conference featured some of our country’s largest energy companies sitting side by side with a myriad of Micro-Grid start-ups convening, discussing and promoting the latest and greatest solutions for renewable Micro-Grid energy solutions.

A micro-grid may transition between its own independent distribution system independent from the grid, or that of being integrated into an established grid system with traditional energy sources as well as renewable energy sources such as photovoltaic, wind and fuel cell generations without requiring a re-design of a national distribution grid system.

This conference revealed that the 'big boy' energy companies are scrambling with distribution energy schemes in a micro-grid environment that are poised to be integrated into our massive American grid system. The start-ups in this micro-grid space with their state-of-the-art technology are scrambling to be acquired or to license their latest hardware or software solutions to the larger energy companies for solutions in renewable energy integration that can be launched in research parks, educational institutions and local communities.

However, waiting on the sidelines is the developing world ready to pounce on the latest and greatest for energy independence solutions through renewable Micro-Grid technology as they leap-frog into the 21st-century for cost-effective, efficient, affordable and clean renewable energy accessible to the masses. Whereas, the developed countries are mired in their aging 20th-century infrastructure trying to keep pace with this lightning-fast technology explosion in the energy industry.

For example, the heart of the African continent, Rwanda, which is the 2nd smallest country in Africa, and led by a very progressive and forward- thinking government has now initiated a plan to 'electrify' 80% of their rural population with Micro-Grid energy solutions.

"These Micro-Grid initiatives in countries like Rwanda are just the beginning of a totally, new paradigm of how we obtain our energy, and how we make it accessible and affordable to the masses", states Tony Livoti, World TradeWinds publisher.

Microgrid example
Microgrid example.


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Thomas A. Gardiner

Thomas A. Gardiner
John Gardiner's Tennis Ranch Foundation
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Must See Video on Global Trade

Dan GardnerClick HERE to see the 'Making Hay' video by Dan Gardner of Trade Facilitators, Inc. This multi-industry webinar is a 'must see' for global trade students and practitioners of all levels and World TradeWinds considers it to be one of the most concise and informative webinars on the history, present state and the future of the Global Trade industry there is available today.

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