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March - April 2010- Issue N. 154
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March 12
MIIS international
Trade & Investment

Monterey, CA

March 19
The Importance of Agricultural Exports in Our State Economy
Seminar / Luncheon

Salinas, CA

March 24-26
Global Technology Symposium
Seminar / Luncheon

Stanford, CA

May 10
MBITA Annual Luncheon with Congressman Sam Farr
Seminar / Luncheon

Monterey, CA

Sept 18-25
Deal-making and World Expo Shanghai
Trade Mission

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The 154th issue of MBITA’s World TradeWinds eZine is a definite reflection of the sign of the times.  All but two of the featured articles for this issue evolve around some aspect of the Clean-Tech revolution.

From new solar technology to a clean-tech trade mission to China, the World TradeWnds eZine continues its efforts to stay in front of the global cleantech phenomena. Also, a special article from Corporate Sponsors, Global Sources, captures China’s position in the world order for climate change and environmental degradation challenges.

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Tony Livoti

Tony Livoti


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MBITA New Member
Grayco Factor Locators


MBITA welcomes new Member gRAYCO factor locators.

Burrill Gray has been with Grayco Factor Locators for more than a year engaged in the purchase of accounts receivables. Prior to this, Gray has been a project manager with the Department of Defense and McGraw-Hill leading large and mid-sized projects.

Is your company’s working capital tied up in accounts receivable, jeopardizing your growth and stability? Are monthly business operations negatively impacted by recurring cash shortages?
gRAYCO factor locators  works with its clients to identify the most appropriate and well-capitalized factor for their particular financing needs. Cash advances of up to 90% of invoice face value are usually available within 24 to 48 hours to respond effectively to today’s financing challenges.

MoneyA factoring arrangement is not a loan, but rather it is the sale at a discount of accounts receivable from credit-worthy customers for completed products and services. Those receivables are then purchased by a factor, providing businesses with an immediate cash injection without debt. Factoring receivables will end the requirement of waiting 30 to 60 days or more to collect from customers.

Whether to meet payroll, fund tax deposits, pay suppliers, offer credit terms, or purchase inventory or equipment, gRAYCO factor locators knows the factoring sources that can turn receivables into cash, and do so without debt.  Even if your company is a startup, or if you are facing difficult financial circumstances such as tax liens or Chapter 11, gRAYCO factor locators can help.

When gRAYCO factor locators  is part of your cash flow management strategy, you receive the benefit of working with factors that know your industry and have over 20 years of experience.
RAYCO factor locators leverages the (IFA) International Factoring Association’s resources and experience in all aspects of the Factoring process to your benefit.
Give your business the capital to remain competitive, contact
gRAYCO factor locators  to inquire if Factoring is the next logical step in your company’s growth.

Burrill Gray


Burrill Gray
gRAYCO factor locators
340 Archer Street, Monterey, CA 93940
Tel. 831-521-2566 - fax 831-324-0785


SKH MBITA New Member Sustainable ENWA Technologies


MBITA welcomes new Member Sustainable ENWA Technologies, Inc. (SET).

Sustainable ENWA Technologies (SET) has an established success record in the Engineering, Manufacturing, Procurement and Supply to Renewable Energy Generation Projects. SET capitalizes on the emerging opportunities in the Energy Sector and focuses on engineering, procuring, manufacturing and supply for developing, operating and maintaining Power Projects.

Solar panelsSET's high performance modules are specially designed for high efficiency. The manufacturing through a special process of surface texturing draws more light into the cell from all angles resulting in consistent performance after exposure to intense sunlight, giving space efficiency. Due to these factors, PV panels generate up to 10% more power per installed watt capacity (for high income per square meter module area).

Customer Satisfaction through Quality, Diversity, Efficiency and Competence
With global warming and climate change concerns driving clean energy, SET is poised to take advantage of the new PV markets in various geographies and is committed to customer satisfaction through innovation, quality and affordability.

Performance Guarantee for SET’s Solar PV module 

SET officeThe guarantee of performance values is much higher. After 25 years, the SET’s solar PV module is still at 80% of the nominal power. The PV Modules carries extensive warranty of 10 years. Solar PV modules (mono/poly crystalline- 280w; 260w; 240w; 220w; 200w; 180w; 120w) are manufacturered according to the most modern manufacturing processes under strict international quality standards.

SET is a new subsidiary of Starasia Group. Starasia is a Indo-Euro joint venture group company having technical collaboration with AMI ENWA Engineering, Norway. Starasia has several factories in India & China and providing One Window Solutions for Steel, Pre Engineered Buildings and Renewable Energy since 1982.

SET is working to set up a solar panel manufacturing facility in California and India. The facility will produce PV Modules (poly-crystalline) with a capacity of 25 MWp/year using a state of the art production facility. With module efficiencies of over 10%-20% higher than other modules available in the market, the company's goal is to enable clean renewable energy by producing reliable and low cost PV systems that are affordable. SET has been formed as a wholly owned company by Starasia Group.

Rajeev Tyagi’s Project Experience
Tyagi has over 25 years in Energy Projects, international trade, sourcing and vendor development. He worked (SFL Limited) in India, over nine years in China and has work experience in the U.S. for nine years.

Tyagi has worked extensively in the Engineering, Metallurgical Industry (Castings/ Forgings), International trade (exports-imports) Sourcing & Procurement for large EPC projects, Supply Chain, Purchasing, Contract Management and expediting.



Rajeev Tyagi
Sustainable ENWA Technologies, Inc.
82, N Main St, Milpitas, CA 95035
Tel. 408-942-9988 - Fax 408-942-9988


MBITA New Member
SunMark Global

MBITA welcomes new member SunMark Global.

IndiaSunMark Global is a California-based International Trade and business Services organization dedicated to increasing U.S. exports. As cultural, business  and political relationships expand between the U.S. and India, there are immense opportunities to harness in the area of bi-lateral trade.

India has been a stellar growth story with average growth rates of over 7%-10% in the past decade or more and has brought new prosperity to vast sections of its society. In addition to economic growth, India’s population continues to grow at an exponential pace creating new India Currencydemands for all kinds of goods and services across industries.  Such rapid economic growth environment has created supply and demand challenges on one side and huge new opportunities to harness on the other side, for both local and foreign companies, in almost every aspect of consumer, business, and government activity.

In the U.S., there is an evolving compelling story to expand our exports as a percent of our overall GDP.  The U.S. has strong technical expertise, production capabilities and unlimited entrepreneurial capacity along with beneficial support resources from local, state, and federal governments to create new growth markets for our goods and services around the world.

SunMark Global offers a wealth of information and brings valuable business experience in key areas, such as,  export, import, joint-ventures, subsidiary setup, distribution channels and partnerships by virtue of working in multiple regions of the world to support its customers and partners. 

Given the unique and compelling economic forces at play and opportunities at hand, SunMark Global‘s India ITcurrent focus is primarily dedicated to expanding bi-lateral trade between the USA and India.  Through its IndiaConnect program, the company can support the export of products and services by U.S. companies across industries.   More exclusively, with its AgroConnect and CleanTechConnect programs, SunMark Global is investing its time and resources to support the export of products, services and technologies from the U.S. companies in Agricultural and Clean Technology industries to the corresponding markets in India. 

More exclusively, with its AgroConnect and CleanTechConnect programs, SunMark Global is investing time and resources to support the export of products, services and technologies from U.S. companies to India and other foreign markets in the Agricultural  sectors of irrigation, food storage, harvesting, post-harvest systems, pest management and all agro-technology solutions in general.  SunMark is also seeking to partner with companies in the Clean-tech sectors such as  renewable energy, waste management, air & water purification and transportation solutions. 

Finally, with its ongoing partnership initiatives targeted to the development of multi-lateral trade relationships for the U.S., SunMark can also facilitate exports to other countries.

For more information contact SunMark Global’s California office at 925 413 0225 or email and visit at






Sethu Arumugam
SunMark Global
2415 San Ramon Valley Blvd Ste 4-203, San Ramon, CA
Tel. 925 413 0225

What's New
MBITA's Cleantech Viewpoint

The  ‘Cleantech’ Viewpoint is a new section for the World TradeWinds eZine designed to follow the industrial ‘boom’ now occurring throughout the world in the ‘cleantech’ and ‘smart energy’ industries.

MBITA  Organizes a 'Deal-making' Trade Mission to China for $10 Million in New Clean-Tech Contract

China MapSanta Cruz, Ca. – Jan 27 – With local companies slammed by the continued recession, China is the brightest spot
on the globe and so-called "clean-tech" environmental technologies are even brighter. Today the Monterey Bay
International Trade Association (MBITA)
and Asia Getaway announced they were selecting more than a dozen
local companies to snag upwards of $10 million in new contracts from the Chinese during a ‘Deal-making Clean- Tech Trade Mission to China’ May 22-29.

“This trade mission is designed for ‘deal-making’ and not for photo-ops and tourist attractions," said Tony Livoti, president of MBITA in Santa Cruz. "We want participants to hit the ground running for at least $10 million in new business, so we're using web conferencing for extensive information exchange sessions before the trip."

The trade mission is focused on three regions of China: Shanghai, Jiangsu and Changsha, Hunan. Shanghai is the largest city in China and is its leading business hub. Jiangsu, one of the wealthiest regions in China, recently signed an MOU with the U.S. Green Partnership program (JUGP) to develop bilateral trade and investment projects in energy and other Green industry sectors. Changsha, Hunan is a 2nd tier metropolis of 4,000,000 people with a
total population of 60,000,000 in the Hunan province which needs all kinds of Green products, technologies and services.

The trade delegation will also participate in the World Expo 2010 that will take place in Shanghai from May 1 to October 31, 2010 with over 186 countries and 48 international organizations participating. Under its main theme of “Better Cities, Better Life”, the expo will showcase a number of exciting initiatives aimed at achieving greener, safer, healthier, prosperous, inclusive, well managed cities and is expected to attract 70 million people from all over the world.
The deadline for registration is March 15, 2010.

For more information and registration visit

'Green' Production Making Inroads in China

A new shade of green is gradually sweeping across China's export manufacturing industry, one that took a while to take root.

Contributed by Global Sources

Companies are riding the environment-friendly wave.

Pressure from the national government and tightening regulations in overseas markets are compelling a growing number of suppliers to modify their business strategies and incorporate ecologically safe processes. The transition is neither extreme nor desperate, but the impact could be widespread as many midsize and small companies are also taking "green" initiatives. Due to the sheer number of these suppliers, they account for a large portion of the pollution and wasteful practices in the country.

Recycling water bottlesIrrespective of size, companies are introducing long-term strategies anchored on recycling, waste reduction and sustainable energy adoption.

Recycling is the most common practice among factories, one that is carried out internally or through third parties. This, however, goes beyond reusing offcuts and scrap materials. Highly polluting industries such as leather tanning have always been required to invest in wastewater cleaning systems, but very few actually do. Now, many are investing large sums in such facilities not only to comply with local ordinances but also as a marketing tool. This comes as an increasing number of buyers are including social responsibility as a criterion in supplier selection.

Fujian Guanxing Leather Co. Ltd in Shishi, a city under the municipality of Quanzhou in Fujian province, has invested $3 million in a 6,000-ton capacity wastewater processing station. Once operational, the facility is expected to save the company $1.4 million annually.

Sustainable energyIn fact, waste recycling is becoming the norm in the city, one of the major garment and textile hubs in the province. More than 20 manufacturers have now installed treatment systems such as those from Carrousel. The majority of Fujian factories that dye fabrics in-house have similar facilities for their sewerage as well. Moreover, several local governments have set up complementary wastewater recycling services to help ensure a continuous supply of fresh water.

Management disciplines strengthen sustainable practices

Reduce wasteIn an effort to cement their commitment to environment-friendly manufacturing, many suppliers are acquiring ISO 14001:2004 certification and implementing ERP, 5S, 8S and 3R systems. Doing so lessens raw material wastage, management costs and delivery time. It smoothens production processes as well. "We calculate the exact unit consumption of fabrics and accessories," Cynthia business manager Tony Tong said. "We purchase strictly in proportion with the orders to reduce wastage."

For example, other production and purchasing decisions are also influenced by green principles.

1) Video phone manufacturer Xiamen Leelen Technology Co. Ltd cooperates with the environmental services group ABB, a global engineering enterprise that promotes sustainable industrial productivity.

2) Mindful of energy conservation, car amplifier exporter Shenzhen Actiway Electronics Co. Ltd included power saving as a criterion in selecting SMT machines.

3) Fujian Golden Vision LCD Science & Technology Co. Ltd has designated one of its engineers to be responsible specifically for developing ways to reduce power, water and raw material consumption during production.

In some industries, higher productivity is correlated directly to waste reduction. Makers are emphasizing worker training to upgrade efficiency, trim down defects and reduce wastage.

But green manufacturing still has its obstacles.

Often suppliers are not motivated enough to adopt sustainable practices in production. Unless required by buyers, any effort to introduce ecologically safe processes is only deemed as an unwarranted cost. For such businesses, compliance with RoHS, WEEE and other regulations is sufficient in showing their environmental commitment.

Greenpeace keeping a scorecard

In October 2009, a report by Greenpeace highlighted the elevated pollution levels in the Pearl River in southern China. As the main source of drinking water for about 4.7 million residents, the estuary is where thousands of factories dump their waste as well. A high-level cocktail of beryllium, copper, manganese, BPA, alkylphenols and other hazardous chemicals were discovered in analyzed samples from eight cities around the river.

Greenpeace has been active in helping monitor and expose environmentally destructive practices in China. Its media reports have helped pressure manufacturers to adopt more eco-friendly systems and for local governments and enforcement agencies to implement laws and tighten standards.

The group, however, admitted its own limitations as it failed to include hundreds of thousands of small operations that are also heavy polluters.

This article was originally published by Global Sources, a leading business-to-business media company and a primary facilitator of trade with Greater China manufacturers and India suppliers, providing essential sourcing information to volume buyers through their e-magazines, trade shows and industry research.

Ayse Oge

Ayse's Corner

Ayse Oge is a published author and global trade marketing expert. Ayse's Corner will be a new periodic feature for the World TradeWinds eZine'

Small Business Power to Capture Global Consumers
by Ayse Oge

Since World War II, trade growth has contributed an average of about $1 trillion a year to America’s income (in 2003), according to economists at the Peter G. Peterson Institute for International Economics. Strong exports have always been able to invigorate the American economy, and the tremendous innovative and creative power of small U.S. businesses can fuel global sales and help create jobs in the domestic market. Power Curbers Inc., a small firm based in Salisbury N.C. specializing in construction equipment, would have gone bankrupt during the present slow-down of the U.S. economy if it had not gone global. Dyke Messinger, the company's CEO, attributes its success in overseas sales to heavy infrastructure development in other countries. International sales were comprised of 75% of the company’s overall business at the present time (LA Times, October 4, 2009).

As American consumers cut back on their consumption in response to the economic recession, a large number of small and mid-sized U.S. firms look to the huge potential of emerging markets such as India, China, Brazil and Eastern European countries. These countries have a combined population of 2.6 billion people, and many of them are affluent and young in contrast to the aging population of Western Europe, Japan and the United States.

Small businesses have the following advantages when going global:

  • With no bureaucratic layers, they can respond to market needs and requests.
  • With closer ties to customers, they can discern market trends without formal research.
  • They can build a strong global brand.
  • They can create a lucrative international niche through specialization.
  • They can take calculated and educated risks in international trade to expand their businesses.
  • They can gain competitive know-how and knowledge to innovate new products and services.

Power Curber’s bold move toward exports is exemplary in encouraging other small businesses to integrate into the world markets. Small firms need to focus on locating international distributors through trade fairs, Internet marketing and designing a global consumer-friendly website to attract prospective foreign buyers.

The U.S. has a tremendous competitive advantage in terms of its risk-taking culture, capital formation and economic vibrancy that works for global entrepreneurs. A strong teamwork between the government and businesses is required to tap into small business power in delivering jobs and higher living standards in the U.S. economy.

Ayse Oge is 2009 honoree of 8th Annual San Fernando Valley Business Journal “Outstanding Woman in Business” for her significant and sustained contribution to global business. She is Vice President of Valley International Trade Association and President of Ultimate Trade, International Trade Consulting, Speaking and Training. Her work has been featured by FoxBusinessOnline, BusinessWeekOnline and Investor’s Daily. She can be reached at



Ayse Oge
Ultimate Trade LLC
Tel. 818-609-9196

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