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June - July 2009 - Issue N. 150
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Global California



May 29, 2009
Go Global, Work Local

Felton, CA

June 26, 2009
Socially Responsible Investing - Here and Abroad

Monterey, CA

July 31, 2009
Global Supply Chains and the Opportunities They Bring

Santa Cruz, CA

Sept. 25, 2009
2nd Annual
Green Trade Network Summit
Sustainable Cities of the 21st Century

Santa Cruz, CA

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MBITA membership continues to grow with diverse industries and services.  Read about online trade finance, ‘beltway’ business opportunities and a special trade mission to Dubai.
The World TradeWinds eZine will now feature  on a regular basis ‘Ayse’s Corner’, and this issue has a special article on a model service for our global aging population….Stay tuned.

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Tony Livoti  
Tony Livoti


Internet LC

MBITA New Member

MBITA welcomes new member, LLC, LLC. is an eCommerce company providing international trade finance services and access to pre-shipment working capital for small-to medium-sized companies via the Internet worldwide. The company’s mission is to support economic stability and promote world peace by assisting small and medium size companies worldwide to grow and create jobs by providing the eTrade Finance Platform™ and Export Transaction Financing™ pre-shipment working capital, so they may trade with anyone, anywhere.

Letter of CreditThe Export Transaction Financing™ program provides the exporter and beneficiary of a Documentary Letter of Credit with access to pre-shipment working capital to meet short term (30-60 days) financing requirements.  Funding Sources make pre-shipment working capital loans from $10,000 to $10,000,000 up to six months against Documentary Letters of Credit.

eTrade Finance Platform™ 

Letter of CreditThe eTrade Finance Platform™ provides Internet documents as electronic records for online Commercial Letters of Credit, International Documentary Collections, Bills of Exchange and Open Account.  The documents are eUCP¹ compliant and meet the new international banking guidelines for online presentations.  Also, it provides Letter of Credit Management for Exporters that need professional management of their Documentary LCs and Collections from Credit review through document preparation, presentation and payment.

The eCommerce Transaction Platform™ - Software & Licensing provides the capability for Internet online eUCP trade finance with your vendors and customers worldwide. 

For more information and additional services visit or contact John Dunlop, Chief Executive Officer,

John Dunlop
John W. Dunlop
Chief Executive Officer


John W. Dunlop
Chief Executive Officer, LLC
Tel. 619-692-9648

Unique Image

New Member

MBITA welcomes new member Unique Image, Inc.

Doing Business in the Middle East

MBITA is leading the way to solving the obstacles and mystery of doing business in one of the thriving economic forces left on the business road map. Michael Lloyd is the vice president of marketing boutique agency Unique Image, Inc. in Northridge and the Middle Eastern Cultural Liaison for MBITA.

Michael LloydLloyd led the 6th Annual 'Global California - Where's the Money and Markets In Our Challenging Global Economy' on a tour of key components necessary to seek, initiate, enhance and capture opportunities throughout the Middle East, with a specific focus on the United Arab Emirates, addressing the immense opportunities and the dos and taboos. In the process, he reflected on the Common Vision in Raising Economic Growth shared by the new U.S. administration and many governments in the Middle East.

“LA-Dubai Vision 2020 is the foundation to anchor US Businesses in the Middle East and capture this emerging market,” he said. “This is why the collaboration of Unique Image and the MBITA is key to bringing you business, to and from, Dubai. “We’ve already broken down those walls… you don’t have to.”

Sign up for the October 9-17 LA-Dubai Vision 2020 Delegation. With an incredible grasp of the region and how to conduct business in the Middle East, Unique Image is the driving force to match your business with your counterpart in Dubai. We will arrange one-on-one meetings that will create, initiate and foster a synergetic business alliance.

Michael Lloyd
Michael Lloyd
Vice President, Marketing


Michael Lloyd
Vice President, Marketing
Unique Image, Inc.
Editor-in-chief of ALO Hayati
Tel. 818-727-7785

Dubai Trade Mission


MBITA New Member
Honkenson Group

MBITA welcomes new member Hokenson Group, Inc.

Doing Business With Uncle Sam – Today's Best Growth Opportunity?

We’ve all heard the news:  we are in the midst of a difficult economic period.  To most, this is not a revelation and business has been in a slump for quite some time.  However, there is one segment of the economic landscape that is actually expanding, not contracting.  Working with the Federal Government is a growth industry and business is booming!  Uncle Sam needs the private sector’s help, especially vis-à-vis the Biotech, Medical and Energy sectors – this is where tax dollars will be focused over the foreseeable future.

Innovative companies stand to benefit from this impending growth curve, especially those with niche technologies and international competitive advantages.  Even companies that are already doing business with the government may not be aware of other opportunities within the myriad of Agencies, Departments and Bureaus of the Federal space. 

Navigating these waters can be difficult, and it is prudent to engage the services of a reputable consulting firm that can proactively identify opportunities, tailor your service offerings to the government’s needs, introduce strategic partners that increase the likelihood of overall success, write proposals and assist with the administration and execution of the contracts awarded.

Jeff Hokenson is Chairman and CEO of Hokenson Group, an International Strategic Alliance and Marketing Consulting firm based in Washington, DC.  Hokenson Group specializes in formulating strategies and developing initiatives that result in significant Returns on Investment for their diverse clientele.  For more information, visit

Jeff HokensonJeffrey D. Hokenson
Chairman & CEO


Jeffrey D. Hokenson
Chairman & CEO
Hokenson Group, Inc.
Tel. 703.245.3050

SRI Conference banner

Join us on June 26, 2009 at the Monterey Institute of International Studies (MIIS) for a conference on the recent trends emerging in the domestic and global Investment communities.

The conference will feature presentations from SRI and Micro-Finance experts who are leading the path to a more environmentally sound and sustainable future through new, dynamic investment vehicles that are altering the landscape of the traditional investment community while providing the grist for a sustainable future and a more prosperous world.

21st century socially responsible investment channels are now poised to offer global market-tested solutions for both small and large investors alike creating new investment methodologies that can help lead us out of our current, unstable investment environment caused by greed and self-indulgence.

The conference will provide information and spur discussions of how investors can realize a good return on their investment while experiencing the satisfaction of helping save the planet from environmental degradation and contributing to the indigenous poor and oppressed of our global community.

For agenda, speaker bios, sponsorship/exhibit opportunities and registration visit

New Paradigm Seniors Project

by Edward L. Martinez III
Program Developer

This coming September the 2nd annual Green Trade Network summit will take place in Santa Cruz, Ca. on September 24-25.  The title of the conference is ‘Sustainable Cities of the 21st Century’ .  As a prelude to this conference we are featuring an article from a MBITA client that has a great model for all countries to address the social component  of our aging population as part of the new 21st Century City.

Introducing the New Paradigm Seniors Project

The New Paradigm Seniors Project is a modern blueprint for creating a vital new sense of value and purpose for the wave of baby boomers now approaching retirement.  Hundreds of thousands of senior citizens are currently facing issues related to hunger in this, the wealthiest country in the world. 

The New Paradigm Seniors Project challenges this disturbing statistic by creating a new model for distributing surplus and donated food to home bound seniors while offering exciting new donation and volunteer opportunities for younger more mobile seniors at the same time. 

The New Paradigm Seniors Project incorporates state of the art green technology and sustainable community models to bring dynamic new programs into each community they serve.

We can no longer expect the government alone to care for our elders. New Paradigm Seniors Projects fit seamlessly into existing 501c3 organizations and government programs to bring new vitality and resources to bear on the growing problem of hopelessness and hunger in senior communities.  These programs can dramatically extend the reach of existing seniors programs, in most cases saving tax payer money and improving the overall health and well being of Americas most vulnerable citizens.

To start a New Paradigm Seniors Project in your community or country or to learn more about the program please contact Edward Martinez at

Ayse Oge

Ayse's Corner

Ayse Oge is a published author and global trade marketing expert. Ayse's Corner will be a new periodic feature for the World TradeWinds eZine'

Innovation Driven Exports
by Ayse Oge

Innovation is America’s strength in global competition. Products and services that have cutting edge uniqueness and creativity, sparked by technological development, with a perception of high quality and value are sought by global consumers as the best U.S. exports.

Wet Design, a global company based the San Fernando Valley of the greater Los Angeles area, exemplifies the art and science of fountains by bringing people together in a shared experience of movement, light and emotion. Fountains are definitely an important part of the experience economy; they boost sales for retailers, increase occupancy rates for hotels and raise rents for commercial builders. During my visit to the company headquarters in February 2009, I acquired some facts and observed its best practices:

Manufacturing Capabilities:
Wet’s team of talented architects, engineers, artists, physicists, anthropologist and choreographers defy physics and capture imagination by building a large range of fountains, from the flagship Bellagio in Las Vegas to the recent Burj Dubai project.

Every component of the water features, electrical panels, shooters and lighting to move water is made in their machine shop. LEAN Manufacturing system adheres strictly to all aspects of their work, including the layout of the shop and the flow of projects.

R&D Capabilities
The team of innovative and creative designers, architects and engineers are working on unique and custom-made projects for each client.

Export Tips 

  • International business is based on relationships.

  • Respect for the culture of your counterpart is crucial.

  • U.S. Commercial Service provides huge value for exporters, and Wet Design has benefited from their guidance and services in their global business.

  • Fair negotiation that results in a win-win outcome is critical.

Innovation thrives on traditional American values of ingenuity, broadmindedness, openness and creativity. Wet Design is certainly demonstrating these best qualities to the world.

Ayse Oge, Ultimate Trade, International Trade Consulting, Speaking and Training. She can be reached at


Ayse Oge
Ultimate Trade LLC
Tel. 818-609-9196

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