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July - August 2008 - Issue N. 145
A Publication of the Monterey Bay International Trade Association (MBITA)


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Santa Cruz Chapter

Fuji Buffet
Santa Cruz, CA

Sept. 19, 2008
Green Trade
Network Summit

Santa Cruz
Beach Boardwalk

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In this issue read about new member PIERS, the Port-Import-Export-Research Service that provides on demand shipping intelligence on your competitors.  Also, hear how the autonomous region of Guangxi in China visited California for trade and investment opportunities.  Learn how Sylvan Source and their innovative water purification systems expands their operations into Asia and how MBITA goes Green with the 1st annual  Green Trade Network Summit conference to be held in Santa Cruz, Ca. on September 19th.    

Tony Livoti  
Tony Livoti





MBITA welcomes their new member PIERS Global Intelligence Solutions (PIERS).

“There really isn’t an alternative resource comparable to PIERS.” Susan Hassett of the Army Corps of Engineers is talking about the standard source for detailed (down to the individual transaction) data on the more than 1.2 trillion metric tons of international waterborne cargo, amounting to 95% of all of America’s overseas trade, shipped through America’s seaports.

Says April Taylor at the US Department of Agriculture (another PIERS client): "This is information exporters can use to get their products to the market in the best condition, in the quickest time, and at the lowest cost possible."  [The USDA cites PIERS in its May 2008 report on agricultural trade, “A Reliable Waterway System Is Important to Agriculture.”]

Launched over 30 years ago as the Port Import Export Reporting Service by The Journal of Commerce, PIERS today serves more than 6,000 companies and trade associations, as well as government agencies, in more than 40 countries with intelligence that guides their international business strategies.

The PIERS core U.S. trade database is unique. Drawn from the manifests and bills of lading, and checked by PIERS reporters on-site, this is the most authoritative, comprehensive, and freshest information available on containerized, bulk and breakbulk cargoes.

The PIERS international databases cover select U.S.-trading-partner countries in Asia and Latin America — and include the Mexican waterborne trade database covering multi-modal trade through Mexico’s Pacific and Gulf ports.

With Web-based access, powerful search and versatile report-generation capabilities, PIERS delivers the who, what, where and when of global trade to the point of decision-making. To learn more, go to

Joe Davis
Joe Davis, Pacific Regional Sales Manager


Joe Davis

Pacific Regional Sales Manager
PIERS Global Intelligence Solutions

201 Spear Street Ste 1310
San Francisco, CA 94105
Toll-Free: 800-824-7537
International: 415-536-1026
Fax: 415.543.4052

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MBITA Member

Sylvan Source


Sylvan Source ProductSylvan Source consistently reduces more contaminants more effectively than any other product or technology, with no maintenance: no filters, cartridges or membranes to replace, and no chemicals.  Pre-treatment equipment is required to handle hardness in the water.

Sylvan Source’s patent-pending technology integrates the distinct functions of degassing (steam stripping), distillation, and demisting (separation) capabilities into a unique, multi-step water cleaning system.

* The M-600 is one of only two products in the world currently certified under the NSF 62 standard.

* The M-600 cleared the NSF 62 standard by 10x the requirement for passing

* The next comparable standard is the NSF 58 for Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems.  RO systems can be certified with over 60 times as much TDS contamination remaining in the water after treatment when compared to the Sylvan Source M-600.

* The M-600 is also fully certified by California, Massachusetts, and Wisconsin health boards.  These states have taken the initiative to protect consumers against false, misleading claims by water treatment equipment manufacturers.

Sylvan HeadlineIn addition, unlike conventional reverse osmosis systems that can waste 5-10 times as much water as it produced, Sylvan Source uses a ½ gallon of waste water for every gallon of ultra-clean water.

Sylvan Source has actively been deploying its product with US builders which, in spite of the current situation, are finding our product useful for market differentiation. In addition, We have started sales in Asia, particularly in mainland China

Sylvan Source, redefining clean water.



Eugene Thiers
Sylvan Source

1509 Industrial Road
San Carlos, CA 94070
Tel. 650-594-1420 x 105


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Cocoanut Grove at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk
September 19, 2008

The Monterey Bay International Trade Association (MBITA) in association with and are producing a first of-of-its-kind conference to promote bilateral trade and investment between U.S. and foreign small to mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) involved in all Green industry sectors. This conference will be held at the Cocoanut Grove venue at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk on September 19, 2008.

The Green revolution commands a global effort from both business and government. Cleaning the air in China is just as important as it is in California. All countries are connected through our environment, but we also need to connect our Green technologies, products, services and resources to meet the challenge of global warming while at the same time improving our respective economies.

The Green Trade Network Summit will bring experts and companies from around the world from both the public and private sectors to discuss, present, network and exchange ideas of how we can Green the world and grow our businesses through trade and investment.

SMEs in the U.S., Germany, Japan, Northern Europe and other countries are the leaders in Green innovative products, services and technology as they cut the edge in their respective industry sectors. At the same time large enterprises and their powerful marketing prowess wait in the sidelines to eventually seize upon the marketing trends and new technologies established by the SMEs. The Green Trade Network Summit conference will explore how SMEs can take a more proactive strategy in the foreign marketplace by establishing business relationships between themselves where they can leverage investment resources, technology and respective marketing channels.

Panels and presentations will be conducted from experts and companies that have experience in bilateral trade and investment in green construction, waste management/recycling, renewable energy and air and water purification. In addition web conference presentations from foreign Green SMEs interested in forming strategic alliances with U.S. SMEs will be highlighted.

A special film on the Green construction boom in China will be shown at lunch and an exhibit forum will be held showcasing the best of breed from Green companies in all industry sectors.  Also, the new web site will be previewed as a one-stop portal for bilateral trade and investment in the Green industries.

We are now accepting submissions for speakers, panelists, exhibitors and sponsors.

Conference details at:

Tony Livoti, President
Monterey Bay International Trade Association (MBITA)
Tel. 831-335-4780


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MBITA Hosts Italian Business Delegation this Fall

The Monterey Bay International Trade Association (MBITA) will be hosting a business delegation from Italy in Silicon Valley on Sep. 29,30 & Oct. 1,2 of 2008.

ItalymapThis delegation is part of the COFIMP project which is an entrepreneurial management training organization that promotes innovation, partnerships and practical business training to small to mid-sized Italian enterprises looking to upgrade to 21st-century business models, such as the Silicon Valley model. 

The objective of their visit to Silicon Valley is the following:

  • build international networks
  • create new contacts, relations and business opportunities
  • develop managerial skills
  • discover new possibilities for enterprise internationalization
  • meet potential joint venture  and strategic alliance partners
  • introduce their Italian projects to the investment community

Please see below a list of the Italian delegates or click here to read more information about them.

Maurizio Bassi, G.D. S.p.A., Production Manager & Project Management
Lidia Bersanetti, Haworth S.p.A., Legal & Human Resources Director
Giorgio Bonello, Italtractor ITM S.p.A., Research & Development, Quality Director
Alberto Bucchioni, Eurotec s.r.l. – Divisione M.B.M., Sales Italy Director
Tania Campanelli, Think3 Inc., Research & Development Director
Fabio Crostelli, Antonio Merloni S.p.A., Supply Chain Manager
Angelo Damiani, ATC S.p.A., Legal Director
Franco Montanari, Samp S.p.A., IT Manager
Alberto Quaquarelli, GT Line s.r.l., Commercial Manager
Fabio Scagliarini, Gruppo Pro S.p.A., Commercial Director
Maurizio Sarmenghi, COFIMP, Business Development and Regional Strategy Manager
Federico Bencivelli, COFIMP, Strategy and Management Consultant
Piero Formica, International Entrepreneurship Academy, Jonkoping University, Professor of Economics and Dean

Italian Delegation

If you believe your company would be an ideal meeting for this group and would like to request a good time to meet this delegation on any of the above dates, please contact the MBITA office at 831-335-4780 or email


Guangxi Province Visits VITA

GuangximapA delegation of 15 business and government leaders from the province of Guangxi, China visited the Valley International Trade Association (VITA) and Economic Alliance offices in the San Fernando Valley on June 9, 2008.  This very cordial Chinese group was hosted by Bruce Ackerman of VITA and the Economic Alliance and Tony Livoti, VITA board member and President of the Monterey Bay International Trade Association (MBITA).  The Guangxi delegation was on its last leg of their U.S. tour after visits in Toronto, Washington D.C. and Philadelphia and was then headed on to San Francisco and Las Vegas after their VITA visit.

Through the able interpretation of Ge Zhang the delegation leader from the capital city of Nanning expressed that Guangxi has a population of 50,000,000 and is one of China’s Autonomous regions comprised of 11 different minority tribes plus the majority Han people.  Autonomous zones in China have special tax policies with the Central government that is different from the rest of China.  More details on these tax policies and other benefits of being a Chinese autonomous region can be obtained through the VITA or MBITA offices.

The Guangxi Province is a leading province in China for minerals, rare metals, natural art and precious stones and is best known in the Asian global community for their annual China-Asian Exhibition where government officials, businesspeople and investors meet to promote bilateral trade and investment.  Also, the conference is famous for conducting an International Folk Song competition event that is well known throughout Asia.  In the late nineties Guangxi had the special privilege of hosting President Clinton during his China tour.

During the meeting the Guangxi delegation expressed urgent opportunities involving waste treatment and air pollution technologies and hospital waste recycling systems.  All in all, this group was very enthusiastic about doing business with California’s business community and invited all to participate in their upcoming conference which will be held this coming October. 

Please go to for more info on Guangxi. Also, please see the attending delegates list below and contact the VITA office if you want to learn more about Guangxi and pursue trade and investment opportunities.

Guangxi Delegates

Mr. Lu Bin - Vice Director, Guangxi Audit Department
Mr. Huang Liquian - Vice Director, Guangxi Meteorological Administration
Mr. Wang Dongming - Director, Guangxi Administration Bureau of Reform Through Education
Mr. He Yong - Standing Director, Guangxi Institute of Auditors
Ms. Chen Dehong - Researcher, Finance Division of the Culture Department of Guangxi
Ms. Chen Ju - Division Chief, Finance Division of the Culture Department of Guangxi
Mr. Zeng Zhaorong - Discipline Supervisor, The People's Procuratorate of Guangxi
Ms. Dang Wen - Division Chief, Finance Division of Gunagxi Economic Management Cadre College
Mr. Ban Bizhong - General Manager, Guangxi Rural Credit Union
Mr. Yang Liangzhong - Division Chief, Guangxi Local Railway Co., Ltd.
Mr. Zhu Riyang - Vice Division Chief, Guangxi Local Railway Co., Ltd.
Mr. Kang Lipeng - Vice Office Director, The Audit Department of Guangxi
Ms. Pan Shuangli - Director, Liuzhou Finance Supervision Administration Centre
Ms. Feng Junlan - Liuzhou Branch Manager, Guangxi People's Insurance Co., Ltd.
Ms. Guo Dandan - Interpreter, Guangxi Economy Foreign Exchange Centre

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