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February - March 2008 - Issue N. 143
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February 29, 2008
The Devalued Dollar: A Blessing For American Exporters and Foreign Investors
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Morgan Stanley

Fuji Buffet
Santa Cruz, CA

April 25, 2008
5th Annual
Global California - Online With The World

California Chamber of Commerce
Sacramento, CA

May 10-21, 2008
Environmental and
Agriculture Technology

Trade Mission to China
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As we push forward into the new year this issue of the World TradeWinds eZine highlights members with innovative technology, creative design and virtual consulting.  We also discuss the importance of working with qualified and secure partners maximizing their expertise to support our efforts for effective and efficient global trade and how new online tools are addressing this challenge…enjoy!

Tony Livoti


MBITA New Member

MBITA is pleased to welcome its new member Tempo Plastic Co., Inc.

Tempo Plastic can deliver close tolerance molding of intricate shapes, complex geometries, thin wall applications and smooth glossy surface finishes.

Tempo Plastic provides custom molded foam, stock and custom protective packaging that is particulate free, semi-flexible, long life protection for archival storage, in-house handling, or product shipping. They also provide clean room - compatible, durable parts molded from copolymer foams. They feature thin walls, smooth surfaces, high foam densities, and their custom molded foam parts can be replacements for injection molded parts. They specialize in intricate shapes and offer static dissipative certification, responsiveness and low cost molds.
Since 1960, Tempo DRY molding technology provides customers with innovative solutions. It started with foam cup production and has evolved to custom thin-wall molding today. Patents for this technique, which solved the problem of brittle molded parts, were granted in 1965.

Tempo adapted DRY molding to numerous other product applications where a glazed surface finish is desired. The glazing process also results in good internal material fusion. Originally, this surface and material fusion met a ‘No-Leak’ quality standard for foam cups. The company is one of the few remaining cup molders in the world to adapt cup molding techniques to serve modern engineered applications.

Tempo’s smooth molded surface finish lends itself to patterns for rubber, ceramic and metal casting processes. A variety of ‘direct-pour’ lost foam pattern applications for aluminum truck mount brackets were Tempo’s next efforts in patternmaking. In the 1980s, development efforts centered on producing steel castings without first removing the foam pattern.


Douglas Rogers
Tempo Plastic Co.
1227 N. Miller Park Court
Visalia, CA 93921
Tel. 559-651-7711
Fax 559-651-0123

Lakshmi Narayan

MBITA is pleased to welcome its new member, Lakshmi Narayan of Narayan Design and board member of the new Santa Cruz Design Innovation Center (SCDIC). Lakshmi Narayan is poised to make  this center a Global Center of Design.

The Santa Cruz Design Innovation Center poised to make Santa Cruz a 'design destination.'

by Lakshmi Narayan, board member, SCDIC

The SCDIC hosted a launch event at Plantronics, with an overwhelming attendance of over 350 people. Clearly, Santa Cruz boasts a thriving design community.

The SCDIC was created to showcase our talent to the rest of the world. From individual designers and small design businesses, to established businesses like O’Neill, Plantronics, NHS, and Easton-Bell LLC, there is a ton of design talent in this town. More and more, design is becoming a key differentiator in the 21st century economy and creative design will rule markets around the world. When companies, investors, and entrepreneurs go looking for great design, we want them to come to Santa Cruz. And the Santa Cruz Design Innovation Center will be their first stop.

People crave community. And solving interesting design problems often takes a collaborative, interdisciplinary approach. The SCDIC will be the hub of a vibrant creative community. The center will create opportunities for networking and collaboration, and provide a space for teams to tackle cutting edge design challenges.

The SCDIC will be an educational resource for its members. We’ll host speakers, forums, and conferences. We’ll partner with programs at Cabrillo College, UC Santa Cruz, and the local K-12 schools. Together, we’ll educate each other and the rest of the world on why design matters and why Santa Cruz is a perfect place for the creation of innovative design.



Lakshmi Narayan
Narayan Design

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RB INTERNATIONAL TRADE SERVICES (RBITS) was founded by Rosaliene Bacchus – an International Trade Virtual Assistant – to provide administrative and operational support to small businesses operating in the global marketplace and to promote trade with Brazil.

Utilizing the Internet, communication technologies, and business management programs, Rosaliene attends to your needs virtually, at a distance, from her computer desktop. With her experience in the Brazilian market, she can assist you in expanding your business to South America’s largest economy and growing consumer market and facilitate business communications with your Brazilian partner.

To give you the edge in growing your business in an increasingly flat world, RBITS has partnered with the Southern California Virtual Assistants Group (, other professionals, and small businesses across the U.S. and overseas. Through this network of collaborators, RBITS offers customized information services; legal services; internet research; Portuguese/English translations; newsletters; internet marketing; Website development and management; desktop publishing; writing and editing; reports; database management; spreadsheets; PowerPoint presentations; mass mailings; transcriptions; and much more.

Visit the RBITS Virtual Office to get your complimentary copy of Rosaliene’s two-part article on Doing Business with Brazil: Getting Started and access the tools available on her Import Export Workbench.


Rosaliene Bacchus
RB International Trade Services (RBITS)
Virtual Assistance for Importers & Exporters
Tel. 310-490-4751

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The Importance of Partnerships in Global Trade

Recently, Ayse Oge, President of  Ultimate Trade, and board member to our partners in Southern California, the Valley International Trade Association (VITA), submitted an article for World TradeWinds concerning  the importance of ‘partnership’ for effective exports and that the devalued dollar is helping American exporters be more competitive in the global marketplace.

MBITA  manages  this country’s first statewide trade promotion ‘intranet’, the TradePort Collaborator,  where forty different public and private sector trade promotion organizations in California share trade leads, contacts and information between themselves thus providing more effective trade promotion services to their clients and members.  The same approach applies to importers, exporters and consultants involved in some aspect of global trade where qualified information through vetted and trusted partners is paramount to success.

In partnership with VITA we have also embarked on the new ‘ uo; website which brings all of California’s global trade community under one roof.  So please read this article from Ms. Oge and we wish you much success in the coming year.

Partnership in International Trade

by Ayse Oge, President of Ultimate Trade

2008 is the best year for small and mid-sized companies in the U.S. to get involved in international trade to diversify their sales and generate additional revenue. The agenda of many of these small and medium sized enterprises are now including exporting options, made possible by the stellar standards of American products coupled with the fact that American products and services are less expensive for world markets.

As international trade professionals, we have to take advantage of the current trends by putting all our efforts into informing and inspiring more small businesses to take part in the global economy. Partnership will provide us with the significant synergies, efficiencies and competitive leverage to undertake important international projects aimed at helping small businesses to be export-ready in marketing their goods and services abroad. The determining factor in partnering is not size, technology or finance; more important factors are leadership, vision, a compelling set of value propositions, competence and a high degree of commitment.

The Outcomes of our Partnership will help small businesses:

  • To eliminate the myth that says exporting is too risky, not profitable and a highly complicated venture.

  • To remove the fear of exporting. As well-known quality guru Edward Deming says: “Fear takes a horrible toll, hurts people. Replace fear with freedom and security.”

  • To provide leadership in putting together an effective export plan, and taking action and seeking guidance when they need it.

  • To sharpen their competitive skills in facing global customer base with different needs and expectations.

  • To empower and encourage them to take calculated and educated risks in international trade to expand their businesses and learn from international customers in innovating new products and services.

The time is now for the international trade professionals to work and team together in extending the much-needed exporting support to the small businesses who are responsible for eighty percent of the job creation in the U.S. economy.



Ayse Oge
Ultimate Trade
International Trade Consultant

Tel.: 818-609-9196
Fax: 818-708-9571

See TradePort's Global Trade Compliance Service

With a focus on global trade industry companies and professionals, the MBITA Global Jobs Center offers its members—and the industry at large—an easy-to-use and highly targeted resource for online employment connections in global trade.

Both members and non-members can use the MBITA Career Center to reach qualified candidates. Employers can post jobs online, search for qualified candidates based on specific job criteria, and create an online resume agent to email qualified candidates daily. They also benefit from online reporting that provides job activity statistics.

For job seekers, the MBITA Career Center is a free service that provides access to employers and jobs in the global trade industry. In addition to posting their resumes, job seekers can browse and view available jobs based on their criteria and save those jobs for later review if they choose. Job seekers can also create a search agent to provide email notifications of jobs that match their criteria.

Join the TradePort Global Trade Center’ and obtain information on import, export and investment opportunities from all points on the globe.

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