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November - December 2006 - Issue N. 136
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Fall is always a peak season for trade missions, conferences, trade shows, events and end of year activities for California’s global trade industry.

As we conduct our first trade mission to China in the Hunan province, MBITA new members CeBIT and Viet Resource Group are featured in this issue promoting the worlds largest IT trade show in Hanover, Germany and the burgeoning marketplace of Viet Nam respectively.

Stay tuned to the next issue of the World TradeWinds when we will have a special edition on MBITA’s Hunan Province trade mission and the many opportunities that exist in one of China’s fastest growing regions.

Tony Livoti


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MBITA New Member:

MBITA welcomes its new member, Vietnam Resource Group, LLC, a private consulting firm in Washington DC, organizing a US Trade Mission to Vietnam in conjunction with the Vietnam International Trade EXPO 2006 in Ho Chi Minh City from Dec. 10th to 16th , 2006. The mission objectives are to assist small and medium sized US companies to identify and to develop business opportunities with Vietnam.

In addition to the US Trade Mission, a US Pavilion , including a US Catalogue Show - will be set up at the EXPO for US companies that are interested in marketing their products and services in Vietnam.

As the fastest growing economy in Southeast Asia, Vietnam's bilateral trade with the US totaled more than $7.8 billion last year, a five fold increase since the Bilateral Trade Agreement took effect in 2001 which removed high tariff and other trade barriers between the US and Vietnam.

With Vietnam's World Trade Organization accession, many US companies are looking at Vietnam as the best option besides China in sourcing quality and competitively - priced products. Moreover, the US Permanent Normal Trade Relationship with Vietnam will also provide great access and opportunities for US companies' products and services in the Vietnamese market.

The US Trade Mission is supported and promoted by the US Vietnam Chamber of Commerce (UVCC) which is a not-for-profit, non-governmental trade association. UVCC was incorporated in California to provide information and networking opportunities for small and medium sized American companies based in the US that are interested in doing business with Vietnam.

For more information visit http://www.vietgroup.net


Trung Trinh
Managing Director
Tel.: 202-271-8200

MBITA New Member:
Tucson Transatlantic Trade, Inc. Holding Group (TTT)

Tucson Transatlantic Trade, Inc. Holding Group (TTT) is excited to be a member with MBITA. Since 1985 TTT has been instrumental in structuring more than 30 Joint Ventures throughout the Americas, Europe, Africa, Latin America and India. Alex Dely, President and founder, anticipates participating in an additional 25 joint ventures, with financing and/or technology and/or management expertise and/or market access in the 2006-2008 timeframe. TTT's network of almost 30 Industrial Sector Partners is ready to assist any international firm or MBITA partner interested in working with TTT Inc Holding Group California.

TTT Projects/Technologies are in: Energy and Environment Sector, Factory automation/Advanced Materials Sector, Construction Sector and Food Processing Sector. Today TTT offers its partners and MBITA clients access to an international customer base of almost 6,500 companies, with particular strength in the key Southwestern USA States and Northern Mexico.

For more than 10 years TTT has utilized a variety of International Offset Trade programs to develop relationships at key facilities of select USA-based Fortune 500 companies and their Tier I/II/III Supplier bases, and has introduced Small/Medium size firms from all over the world to them: Boeing Aerospace, Raytheon, Northrop Grumman/TRW, Intel, Motorola and General Electric. We also operate in three major Health Care Sectors: Medical Facilities, Medical Equipment and Medical Devices.

Two of TTT's most recent projets include: TTT Mexico San Luis Rio Colorado Industrial Park and TTT Nigeria Ibaka Oil/Gas Industrial Park.

TTT will codevelop with the Francisco Flores Family up to 500 hectares of land near San Luis Rio Colorado in the 2006-2010 timeframe in 50 hectare increments. Industry is the second largest sector (after agroprocessing) in SLRC, employing nearly 11,000 (almost 30% of the working age population) in more than 20 major Maquiladora plants, located in 60 hectares of existing Industrial Parks, which our TTT Industrial Park effectively expects to at least double in size by 2010.

A 900 MW cogeneration power plant is being planned to provide power to all industrial plants and nearly 5,000 new homes. Major US/Asian firms already operating in SLRC include BOSE (electronics) and DAEWOO (2 plants), whereas TTT is targeting firms in the Tier I/II/III Supply Chain to Boeing/Northrop Grumman/ Raytheon in the Aerospace Sector, General Motors/Ford in the Automotive and Plastics/Composite Materials Sector, General Electric Energy and ADM/Cargill/Coca Cola/Pepsi Food Processing Sector.

TTT Inc Holding Group is codeveloping the TTT Ibaka Oil/Gas Industrial Park, through its TTT Nigeria Development Company (USA) and 3T Industrial Parks Development Company (Nigeria) affiliates, on a 500 Hectare/1250 Acre site near the oceanfront. total of 45% of the land area will be built up in a Mixed Use Development: Housing Estates, Biomass Cogeneration Plant and Industrial.

The Industrial Park will house a Technical School with 8 trade specializations for 400 students of high school age and above, offering advanced skills in: oil and gas development, welding, instrumentation, construction, energy systems, environmental systems, factory automation, and marine technologies.

The estimated Ibaka Project Investment Value totals approximately 360 Million USD. Anticipated Investment Sources include the TTT Africa Mutual Fund, ChevronTexaco (USA and Nigeria), the US Overseas Private Investment Corporation (US OPIC) and US EXIM Bank, Boeing/ Northrop Grumman/Raytheon/General Electric Offset Programs, European Union and World Bank/IMF Africa Regional Funds and South African and Nigerian major corporations.

For more information about TTT Holdings Group, please visit www.ttthg.com, or contact:

Daryl Baltazar
Managing Member
TTT Holdings Group California
116 29th St.
San Francisco CA 94110
Tel: (415) 826-2954
Cell: (858) 462-0479
Email: Baltazar@ttthg.com

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MBITA New Member:

MBITA welcomes its new member, Hannover Fairs USA and CeBIT.

CeBIT, which celebrated its twentieth anniversary this year, is the world's leading trade show for information and communications technology. Next year's show will run March 15-21 at the Hannover Fairgrounds in Hannover Germany.

CeBIT 2006 hosted 6,262 exhibiting companies-more than half of which were non-German. According to on-site surveys, exhibitors reported having closed 20 percent more deals than in 2005. After years of conservative spending, it appears that businesses are back to investing significantly in IT and telecommunications products and services.

CeBIT 2006 attracted 450,000 attendees-approximately 85 percent of whom were industry professionals and one-third of whom came from outside Germany. Attendance from North America was up 28 percent while attendance from South and Central America increased 38 percent. The turnout from European countries such as Austria, France and Sweden also experienced an upswing.

VoIPCentral presentation forum at CeBIT 2006

U.S. companies exhibit at CeBIT to:

  • Connect with the entire world at one venue
  • Launch new products
  • Meet face-to-face with potential customers
  • Establish distribution channels
  • Generate brand awareness

Hannover Fairs USA, Inc. (HF USA)

Hannover Fairs USA, Inc. is the U.S. subsidiary of Hannover, Germany's Deutsche Messe AG, one of the world's largest and most active tradeshow organizers.

HF USA organize and manage tradeshow-based marketing programs at overseas trade fairs as well as the ISCe conference in San Diego, CA, and the ISCe Satellite Investment Symposium (ISIS) NYC '06 in New York City. Their main function at international events is organizing such turnkey group exhibits as USA Pavilions and state and association-sponsored pavilions that offer small and mid-sized companies a convenient and cost-effective way to participate.

In conjunction with their tradeshow programs, they cooperate with different branches of the business community-from start-up ventures and private trade development organizations to experienced exporters and the U.S. Department of Commerce-to help manufacturers introduce their products, technologies and services to the global marketplace.

For CeBIT 2007, they are organizing the following group exhibits:

  • USA Enterprise Content Management & Storage Solutions Pavilion
  • USA Enterprise Storage Solutions Pavilion
  • USA Mobile & Wireless Communications Pavilion
  • USA PC, Components & Peripherals Group Stand
  • USA RFID Technology Group Stand
  • USA Security Technology Group Stand
  • USA Telematics, Navigation & In-Car Electronics Group Stand
  • IP Central@CeBIT

In addition, they work with companies that prefer a custom, stand-alone exhibit, offering such services as securing floor space, designing and building stands, hiring temporary staff, and coordinating catering and special events.
Visit www.hf-usa.com/cebit_exhibit to learn more.

Their attendee services include USA Business Center memberships, travel and accommodations and advance ticket sales.

For more information, contact Carl Williams at (916) 394-9179,
e-mail cwilliams@hfusa.com or visit www.hf-usa.com/cebit

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MBITA Luncheon
Finance Your Global Trade Transactions

Sponsored by Guaranty Bank of California

Silicon Valley, CA - October 27, 2006

The latest MBITA Silicon Valley Chapter luncheon was a great success.

Cash in advance and letters of credit are no longer always competitive terms in the international marketplace. Creditworthy foreign companies in developed countries, accustomed to buying on open account from their other suppliers, are going to expect the same terms from U.S. exporters. Customers in emerging foreign markets, on the other hand, face scarce capital, currency controls, and high interest rates, making it difficult or impossible to order from their U.S. suppliers without credit terms.

Gary Mendell, President of Meridian Finance Group, giving his presentation at the podium.

Gary Mendell, President of Meridian Finance Group, explained in detail why exporters need to extend competitive payment terms to their international customers. He described how to extend credit to companies in other countries and how to protect foreign receivables and be confident of getting paid by using export credit insurance.

David Josephson, Western Regional Director of Export-Import Bank of the U.S., provided a description of Ex-Im Bank programs, a brief overview of Ex-Im Bank transactions in Fiscal Year 2005, a report card on what Ex-Im Bank has done for small businesses, and a profile of exporters who qualify for Ex-Im Bank programs.

Edward Tang, Assistant Manager of Guaranty Bank of California and Export Trade Financing Specialist, covered pre-shipment and post-shipment trade financing, application of various loan programs, and tips on dealing with banks.

For speaker bios and contact information please visit www.mbita.org/financing_bios.pdf


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