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November - December 2005 - Issue N. 131
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MBITA Annual Luncheon with Congressman Sam Farr
Fri October 21, 2005
Monterey, CA
Crazy Horse Restaurant

at Bay Park Hotel

Worldwide Advances in Nanotechnology
Thu. November 17, 2005
Santa Cruz, CA
China One Intl Buffet

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Tony Livoti
MBITA Vice President
Shay Adams
AIM Medical Sales Members:

Dr. Edward Valeau
Hartnell College
Salinas Marcelo Siero
IdeasSiero Jim Faith Staff:

Cristina Polesel
General Manager

Emi Hirano
Marketing Assistant

Tomoko Takamura
Marketing Assistant

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MBITA has just inked the date and time for the 3rd annual Global California conference.  The venue will be at the California Chamber of Commerce in Sacramento, California and will be held on February 16, 2006.
 This 3rd annual conference will focus on the difficult challenges that California importers and exporters now face in a more complicated yet accessible global marketplace.  Experts throughout the State will provide their advice and perspectives on an array of timely topics.  Don’t miss it and call the MBITA office for more details and sponsorship opportunities.

Tony Livoti


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MBITA New Corporate Sponsor:
Copious Systems

MBITA welcomes new corporate sponsor, Copious Systems and its affiliate partner, J Leddy Inc. (JLI), whom together bring MBITA members, clients and associates the equipment and processes that enable enterprise continuity and information management to be ‘On the Net, Off the Grid, Safe and Secure’. Their combined forces are environmentally focused bringing power quality products, green based generation and portable, traditional, electric ‘gensets’ to markets throughout the world.

Clean and continuous energy is paramount for sound, net-based enterprises and virtual corporations across the net. The supply of electricity should be uninterrupted and should be conditioned for equipment longevity and energy conservation. Physical-security and information-security are important elements to the continuity of business operations. Sensors for physical-security require a continuous supply of clean electricity while information-security requires the same for CPU based computation involving cryptography for on-demand information transactions. The supply of electricity should come from a reliable source, which is not always the public grid.

Copious Systems faces the challenge of providing the foundation for energy continuity in a world with a changing environment. As global enterprises become more virtual and remote, energy is still delivered traditionally to densely populated regions everywhere. As populations grow and the various components of scattered enterprises become more remote, energy delivery becomes less reliable through traditional power grids…failed energy continuity challenges business continuity.

Distributed energy production will grow in economic importance. Green based technology should be part of the foundation for a sound, continuous flow of clean energy along with modern energy storage providing better continuity than existing power grids in present day situations.

J Leddy Inc. (JLI) provides environmental technology and consulting services in addition to electrical and electronic components both locally and globally. As a manufacturer representative JLI markets and coordinates distribution of water purification and renewable energy systems, electronic hardware and grounding, lightning and surge protection systems. JLI is at the forefront of power quality and energy efficiency systems. JLI with support from Copious- Systems and their team of representatives and distributors provide services to California, Nevada, Mexico, South America, Asia, Australia, the Middle East, Europe, India and China. Their water and sustainable energy clients include local, state and federal government agencies, the United Nations and private sector companies.

JLI and Copious Systems are now focused on expanding its marketing efforts to China and other parts of the world while continuing its domestic consulting for water resource and energy efficient systems. Copious Systems and J Leddy Inc., seek synergistic relationships throughout the world.


John Leddy
Tel. 310- 822-9177

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MBITA New Member:
Viña de Oro, LLC

Founded in March of 2004, Viña de Oro, LLC is a start-up international sales firm offering a unique assortment of fine California wines to the Mexican market at competitive prices.
They provide a bridge between Mexican wine distributors, importers, restaurants, hotels, and retail stores and upstanding California wineries eager to initiate and expand their presence throughout Mexico. Their deep understanding of both countries' languages, people and customs enables them to offer their partners an exemplary level of personal and proactive service.

At Viña de Oro, their mission is to be the wine provider of choice for the Mexican wine distributors and importers. Viña de Oro is committed to providing the highest quality California wines at the best value to the Mexican market.

Their location, in the heart of California's premier wine producing regions, provides us immediate and comprehensive access to many of California's best vintners and wines. The cultural and ethnic backgrounds of Viña de Oro's management team provide us with a valuable understanding of both the United States and Mexican markets.



For more information about Viña de Oro, please visit

Contact: Maria Luisa Beveridge
Viña de Oro, LLC
570 El Camino Real, 150-440
Redwood City, CA 94063
Tel: 650-365-4843 - Fax: 650-365-4843
Web: Email:

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Hiring an Interpreter or Translator
for Your Business

In this modern world of globalization and outsourcing, having a good interpreter at your international meeting or a good translator working on your business proposal may be just as important as having a good lawyer or accountant. But how do you know whether your interpreter or translator is qualified to do the job?

First, it is important to determine what type of language service your company needs.

Simultaneous Interpretation, also known as Conference Interpreting
Simultaneous interpretation is the preferred mode of interpretation at relatively large international meetings and is very similar to the way interpretation is done at the United Nations. A simultaneous interpreter normally uses special equipment and renders the message into the other language at the same time as the speaker is talking while the audience listens to the interpretation through headphones. Simultaneous interpretation requires a very high level of concentration and it is therefore typical to have 2 or more interpreters working in shifts. This type of interpretation usually requires professional training or extensive experience and can be more costly but will save a lot of your time at a seminar or conference.

Consecutive Interpretation
Consecutive interpretation is usually appropriate for a smaller and more interactive meeting. A consecutive interpreter listens to the speaker, usually takes notes, and then renders the message in the other language during a pause after every 3 or 4 sentences. This type of interpretation is very thorough, less costly and is perfect for active discussions, but it will noticeably extend the duration of your meeting.

Translation is the process of rendering the content of your document in another language in written form. Most translators prefer to translate into their native language only, even though some truly bilingual translators can effectively work in both of their languages. Some translators team up with editors to ensure high quality of the final product. Subject matter experts make great editors, provided that their language skills are high enough.

Always Hire a Professional!
It is a common misconception that any person who speaks two languages fluently can be an interpreter or translator. A person who has no experience constantly switching from one language to another would typically have problems finding the appropriate equivalents quickly even with a perfect understanding of the meaning.

It is also commonly believed that a subject matter expert would be preferable to a language specialist since the expert is more familiar with the topic. Experience shows that subject matter experts frequently lack the necessary interpretation and translation skills and have difficulty refraining from expressing their own opinion during the discussion.

The bottom line is, always hire a professional interpreter or translator with years of experience and reliable references. Search the web for translation companies; ask your friends who have worked with translators, and don't go for the cheapest offer out there - you always get what you pay for!


Polina Mashnik
Free-Lance Russian Interpreter and Translator
1331 Nicholson St.
Houston, TX 77008
Tel. 281-253-3576

Past clients include: MBITA, Stanford Hospital & Clinics, Los Alamos
National Laboratory, NASA, Eli Lilly, Pratt & Whitney, among many others.

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MBITA Global Jobs

In response to increased demands by employers and recruiters for highly qualified job candidates with international skills and experiences, MBITA has established an enhanced interactive job board which is also linked to job boards of similar associations throughout the United States.

By visiting employers and recruiters can use the Global Jobs Center to reach a large qualified audience of professionals throughout the country seeking global trade related jobs. Currently there are over 1500 professionals registered in the network.

MBITA’s Global Jobs Center is an excellent opportunity for any employer trying to fill a professional position from an array of highly qualified candidates,” said Tony Livoti, President of MBITA.

MBITA is a non-profit international trade center dedicated to provide trade promotion services to the California, U.S. and foreign country business communities.

For more information contact the MBITA office at 831-335-4780.

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Statewide online community of export promotion service centers launched through
TradePort Collaborator

MBITA, managers of has received a grant from the Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER) at Thunderbird, the Garvin School of International Management. This grant will help develop a California statewide online community comprised of economic development and trade promotion organizations located throughout California.

This grant initiative supports a recent Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the U.S. Commercial Service office in Sacramento and numerous public and private sector trade and investment organizations in California called the California Trade Partners (CTP). The MOU’s objective is to better coordinate communications and interaction between these agencies for more productive and efficient services to the 60,000 California businesses they support in the Global Marketplace.

This statewide intranet will be accessed through and is called the TradePort Collaborator. "I believe that new collaborative technologies such as online communities will be as common as picking up the telephone in your office in the next few years. The dynamic business economy of California will now benefit through the new TradePort Collaborator online community resulting in more efficient and effective global trade and investment services”, says Tony Livoti of MBITA.

The TradePort Collaborator service is powered by GroveSite, which provides secure online workspaces for distributed project teams, committees, businesses and other organizations, enabling users to manage projects and share information, documents and discussions.

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MBITA is pleased to announce its partnership in a regional trade program entitled Global

For the first time in trade promotion history in the Silicon Valley and Monterey Bay region, seven trade promotion agencies collaborate in their efforts to provide local companies with the most comprehensive set of services to assist, guide and help them enter international markets. Through a single access point, this initiative leverages private sector support and integrates key partners into a single platform:

Start-ups, small and mid-sized businesses will have access to free or low cost services that include:

  • Free personal assistance from a trade manager
  • One-on-one counseling
  • Consulting for business development and marketing
  • Export and import training
  • Market research
  • Access to our referral network
  • Matchmaking services
  • Trade Missions
  • Introduction to potential partners
  • Assistance with Legal and Customs issues
  • Connection to the City of San Jose’s Foreign Trade Zone

Please take a moment to register, free of charge, at After completing your registration you will have the option to contact one of our regional trade managers for immediate assistance. Our trade managers will assess your business’ needs, connect you with Global California partners and accompany you through the entire trade cycle.

MBITA joins the Silicon Valley Center for International Trade Development, the U.S. Export Assistance Centers in the Silicon Valley and Monterey Bay, the Silicon Valley and Central Coast Small Business Development Centers and the City of San Jose, Office of Economic Development in this program which provides collaborative trade service delivery for the Silicon Valley, Santa Cruz and Monterey County region.

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MBITA Annual Luncheon with Congressman Sam Farr

Monterey, October 24, 2005

Farr says trade pacts can hurt farmers

By Marie Vasari
Herald staff Writer

People generally don't think of Monterey as a center of global trade.

But the history of the Monterey Bay is rooted in it.

"This is where Pacific Rim trading began for the United States of America," Rep. Sam Farr, D-Carmel, told members of the Monterey Bay International Trade Association at a luncheon meeting called "Think Local and Act Global," this week in Monterey.

In its early history, Monterey was a port city, exporting tallow and agricultural products, including fresh fruit that sailors needed to fend off scurvy, he said. Yet in his days as a county supervisor in the 1970s, the county's ag report -- a comprehensive look at the agricultural industry -- didn't even list exports.

Trade is as much a vehicle for exchange of cultures as it is for the exchange of goods, Farr said, and Monterey has cornered the market as language capital of the world, he said.

But trade on an international level has become a contentious issue, with America -- and its government -- on a seesaw of sentiment, leaning first in support of trade agreements, then against them. That contentious mindset was evident in the narrow two-vote margin by which the house passed the Dominican Republic-Central America Free Trade Agreement this summer.

Farr said he voted against CAFTA because it didn't protect some of the world's poorest farmers from being driven out of business by imported produce they can't compete against.

Locally, the economic lifeblood of the Central Coast is agriculture, a $3.4 billion industry last year alone, but he said it's one that's largely misunderstood and unseen. And its health is hugely impacted by international trade.

The easing of trade restrictions hasn't always helped American farmers. Farr cited Matsui Nursery, Inc. in Salinas Valley, which was forced to change crops from chrysanthemums to roses, and finally to orchids to compete with cheaper South American imports. Gilroy, once garlic capital of the world, has now lost that title to China, which exports its much cheaper garlic to the U.S.

Agricultural companies are the first ones to line up to support free trade, believing they'll benefit, Farr said, but the reality is that underproducing countries have little to export to the U.S. except their agriculture.

Farr also took occasion to fire a potshot at hardline immigration policies, calling it "mean politics in congress" that hold that "illegal is illegal is illegal," but grant allowances for white-collar workers but not blue-collar immigrants. He supports a quasi-legal status for some immigrants similar to the amnesty program in the 1980s.

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MBITA Luncheon: Worldwide Advances in Nanotechnology

Santa Cruz , November 17, 2005

, the Osaka Prefectural Government, CA Office, the San Francisco Bay Area Nanotechnology Council and the Monterey Export Assistance Center (EAC) of the U.S. Department of Commerce (USDOC) cordially invite you to attend the Santa Cruz Chapter luncheon meeting on Thursday, November 17, in Santa Cruz.

Nanotechnology Worldwide

There has been a lot of worldwide publicity as it relates to Nanotechnology with a variety of top class educational institutions, government research labs, non-profits, startups, and divisions of established companies participating over the last 10 years.

This Santa Cruz Chapter luncheon will address the kinds of global opportunities that will evolve in the marketplace as Nano Technology begins to transform the very basics of traditional manufacturing.

The presentations will inform the audience on the various activities under these many organizations and how they might bring the next wave of opportunity in nanotechnology with huge commercial potential. The luncheon will also touch on the funding by various governments and what might be needed to accelerate the establishment of Nanotechnology related industry. The potential environmental fears (well and ill founded) that need to be managed to help this new industry flourish over the coming years will also be discussed.

Guest Speakers

Dhaval J. Brahmbhatt
, Chairman, IEEE San Francisco Bay Area Nanotechnology Council

Charles V. Fishel
, President Chief Operating Officer, Interface Sciences Corporation

Click here for speaker bios.

Details and online registration at


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