World Tradewinds

February-March 2004 - Issue N. 122
A Publication of the Monterey Bay International Trade Association (MBITA)


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Wed, May 5th
TradePort Conference
Crafting Partnerships & Synergies
Millennium Baltimore Hotel
Los Angeles, CA
Time: 10:30am - 6:00pm
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Thu, May 16th

COPES Seminar
Organic Export - Succeeding in the Global Marketplace
Piccadilly Inn University
Fresno, CA
Time: 8:30am - 2:00pm

Registration: $30
(includes lunch)

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Fri, May 28th
MBITA Luncheon
MBITA's Annual Meeting with Congressman Farr
Sponsored by ...

Old Fisherman's Grotto
Monterey, CA 93940
Time: 11:30am registration
noon lunch to 1:30pm
$25 members
$30 non members

To register for MBITA luncheons and events, call 831-469-0148 or email including the event specifics you are signing up for in the subject line.

For more details on MBITA events, go to


Tony Livoti

Vice President
Shay Adams
AIM Medical Sales


Dr. Edward Valeau
Hartnell College

Victor Cordell
Monterey Institute of International Studies (MIIS)

Marcelo Siero

Jim Faith


Cristina Polesel
General Manager

Emi Hirano
Marketing Assistant

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World TradeWinds Sponsorship Information

World TradeWinds is a monthly eZine distributed to over 3,000 subscribers located statewide, nationwide and overseas. The newsletter is also distributed to eight service centers located throughout California, representing over 30,000 small to mid-sized enterprises.


Call the MBITA office at
831-469-0148 for sponsorship rates and benefits.




The dynamics of MBITA’s membership represent creativity, innovation and uniqueness. This World TradeWinds eZine demonstrates these qualities with feature articles on longtime MBITA members, Franmara and Laser Devices.

This World TradeWinds issue also has articles on two of MBITA’s prime projects, the Certified Organic Product Expert Strategy (COPES) and our Russian 2004 Initiative where a trade mission to the booming Russian Far East will occur in August of this year.

Looking forward to speaking with you about these projects and others.

Please go to MBITA newsletter archives to see MBITA Members profiles and visit MBITA's Export Promotion Services.

Tony Livoti


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MBITA Success Story:

MBITA would like to introduce their long-time member Franmara, Inc.

Franmara, Inc. is a manufacturer and master distributor of corkscrews, barware and wine accessories. The company was established in 1970 and Frank Chiorazzi has been the President of the company ever since. Franmara does not sell directly to the public. Their products are available through food service distributors, advertising specialty dealers, wineries, wine distributors, wine and liquor stores, gourmet shops, mail order catalog houses and other wholesalers and retailers.

"We have enjoyed being a member of MBITA" Frank Chiorazzi states. "It was very fortunate for us to have been introduced to Mark Weaver of the U.S. Department of Commerce in 1999. His Export Assistance Center lined us up with an intern from Cal State Monterey Bay who later became, and is presently, our Export Manager," Frank remarks. The department continues to grow and Andres Ospina now has an assistant helping him deal with exports.

Sales have continued to grow in this hemisphere but increasingly in Europe. Because of the low value of the US Dollar against the Euro, the company's products are now entering Ireland, France, Netherlands, England, Italy and other countries.

Frank continues: "Mark Weaver introduced us to the Gold Key Service which we have used several times: twice in Mexico, once in Chile, once in New Zealand and beginning tomorrow another Gold Key to South Africa." The last one is particularly hopeful because no other currency has risen more against the US Dollar than the S.A. Rand. "So our offering to wineries there should be particularly well received. In fact, the U.S. Commercial Service has assisted us in mailing catalogs to all wineries there and we have already received orders from them," Frank says.

"Our main program is to provide products, particularly imprinted products, that will allow wineries to promote their wines, especially with corkscrews," Frank remarks.

We are probably going to look at Australia as our next market since a company we used to work with closely (on European product development) in Australia has heretofore kept us out of there. But now that company has been sold and we feel we can go in now. So if you come across some Australian wine connection please let us know. That is another currency that has risen remarkably against the U.S. Dollar.' Frank concludes.


Frank Chiorazzi
Franmara, Inc.
Ph: 831-422-4000
Fax: 831.422.7000

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MBITA Member Celebrates 25 Years of Doing Business on the Central Coast

MBITA member Laser Devices, Inc. (LDI), a manufacturer of military and law enforcement aiming lasers and lighting devices is proud to announce that it will celebrate its 25th year in business on the Central Coast in February 2004. Currently the company is located at 2 Harris Court, Suite A-4, in the Ryan Ranch Industrial Park in Monterey.

LDI was founded in 1979 by Heinz Thummel, an internationally recognized expert in the design of visible and infrared laser systems.

Early products developed during the 1980’s included small Helium Neon (HeNe) lasers used in military laser systems, medical devices, and as popular laboratory lasers. During the 1980’s LDI’s products evolved to take advantage of the development of low cost, efficient and highly reliable semiconductor lasers. In the mid-1990’s the Company’s product line expanded to include compact tactical flashlights and weapon mounted illumination systems. Over the last five years the Company has developed an expertise in designing and manufacturing state-of-the-art laser transmitters used with law enforcement and military marksmanship and combat simulators.

Mr. Thummel continues to serve as Chairman of the Board and President of LDI. He is actively engaged in the management of LDI’s day-to-day operations and in the development of new military and law enforcement illumination systems, aiming lasers and marksmanship training devices. His focus on quality has fostered LDI’s reputation of supplying innovative and reliable products that survive desert heat, alpine cold and submersion in up to 20 meters of salt water. This reputation has resulted in LDI’s consistent growth both as a supplier of its core products and as an Original Equipment Manufacturer of laser systems used by other companies. LDI’s key technology is protected by six U.S. patents covering components used in both its laser and illumination products.

Recent Corporate milestones include receiving its ISO 9001:2000 certification in April 2003 as a manufacturer of laser and illumination systems. The implementation of this international quality standard has improved LDI’s overall manufacturing efficiency and is also proving to be critical to its ability to market and sell products in Europe and Asia. Also in April of 2003, LDI received the U.S. Department of Commerce, U.S. Commercial Service Export Achievement Certificate for Recent Achievements in the Global Market Place. This Certificate presented by Congressman Sam Farr recognized LDI’s long term effort to promote and sell its products globally.

Today, as LDI prepares to start its second quarter century of manufacturing on the Central Coast, its lasers and lights are in use in over 95 countries. From the deserts of Iraq to the jungles of Columbia, LDI’ lasers, lights and training systems continue to deliver the performance and reliability needed by our armed forces and allies. Over the next 25 years the company looks forward to continuing to enhance the lives of its employees, shareholders and customers through the creation and application of its laser and illumination technology.


Joseph Hotz
VP Operations & International & Government Contracts
Laser Devices, Inc.
Ph: 831.373.0701
Fax: 831.373.0903


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California Farmers Feeling the Crunch of China's Fruit and Vegetable Exports

by Joni Zacharisen

Rising fear of China’s growth in vegetable exports to Japan is not completely unfounded, especially here in California, the nation’s leading farm state which ships nearly 20% of its produce overseas. Hardest hit have been the fruit and vegetable farmers of California’s fertile central valley, where they have to contend with Chinese farmers who have reduced production of grain crops in favor of the more profitable fruit/vegetable crops.

Farmers have to contend with China’s exports to Asian markets and exports aimed at the U.S. as well. Less than a decade ago China’s exports of garlic grew 61 million pounds in one year, causing prices to collapse and forcing the U.S. to impose anti-dumping legislation.

Today, California garlic farmers are still feeling the effects, with considerable decreases in exports to foreign markets including Japan, Australia and Europe. It is in the foreign markets where U.S. farmers are feeling the real crunch, being unable to compete with the Chinese competitors. China’s produce exports are picking up due to low production costs and a close proximity to Asian markets.

By 1996 China became Japan’s leading supplier of fresh vegetable imports and climbed to a 38% share in 2001, competing with U.S. exports of broccoli, onions and asparagus. Even in 2004 these percentages are only projected to rise as China’s production/packing techniques improve, along with innovations in ocean freight services and agricultural technologies.

However, this all seems too ironic when noting that many of these new technologies have ultimately stemmed from the U.S. It was the April 1999 U.S./China agricultural agreement that drove technical cooperation and scientific exchange between the countries. This agreement provided China with a joint partnership in the development of biotechnology for disease/pest control and also provided support to other industries as well. The future of China in the global marketplace seems to be undetermined as of yet, however, for California farmers who have been affected by China’s exports the damage has already been done.

U.S. farmers are downsizing and decreasing their exports to Asian markets because China produces larger quantities of fruit and vegetable crops, which can be exported inexpensively to Asian markets.

With the influx of new agricultural technology into China, U.S. farmers are going to have to contend with even larger amounts of better quality exports from China as well. It seems that California farmers fear of China’s growth in agriculture exports is indeed an issue that is surely going to keep reemerging in the 21st century.

Don't miss the next MBITA luncheon on May 28th in Monterey. Congressman Farr will give an overview on the latest anticipations and future decisions of Congress in regards to this situation.


Joni Zacharisen


MBITA Trade Mission
to the Russian Far East
August 1-7, 2004

by Lidia Thompson, MBITA Eastern European Consultant

The Russian Far East currently represents one of the most desirable business opportunities for entrepreneurs that would like to break into new untapped marketplaces. MBITA will be conducting a trade mission with to Vladivostok and Khabarovsk in the Russian Far East from August 1st to the 7th.

Vladivostok bathed by the Sea of Japan and 6000 miles east of the Central Government in Moscow, was once a "maritime fortress" under the czars' sovereignty and a self-sustainable "closed city" under the Soviets regime. Times have changed and now Vladivostok is open to the world, hungry for new business opportunities, friendly to tourists and open to foreign investors.

The Russian Far East represents "a unique European culture in the middle of Asia", remarks Tony Livoti, President of MBITA, who visited the Russian Far East three times in the last 3 years (read more about his trip in an article entitled "The Russian Far East An Emerging Region for Global Trade" in MBITA World TradeWinds newsletter). Through his visits many contacts and opportunities were identified and MBITA and the Monterey Export Assistance Center (EAC) of the U.S. Department of Commerce (USDOC) decided it's time to introduce California SMEs to the Russian Far East.

The trade mission to Vladivostok-Khabarovsk is planned this summer, August 1st-7th. The Monterey Export Assistance Center (EAC) of USDOC, the Far Eastern Center of Economic Development (FECED), the Foreign Commercial Service and Foreign Agriculture Service offices in Vladivostok and MBITA believe that this trade mission is important for the economic development of both the Russian Far East and California.

The BISNIS office in Washington D.C. provided MBITA with the Russian Far East's top industry sectors for import and export opportunities.
1. Oil and Gas
2. Building/Construction/Infrastructure
3. Food Processing
4. Health Food products
5. Wine and Groceries
6. Wood Processing
7. Mining
8. Agriculture
9. Auto parts/Automobiles/Trucks/Automotive Products
10. Fish Processing
11. Ports/Shipyards
12. Financial Services/Mortgages
13. Tourism
14. Medical Industry/IT/Telecom
15. Beauty products
16. Apparel
17. Environmental Industry
18. Professional training companies including eLearning for engineering, sales marketing, human resources and technology

One-on-one meetings for Trade Mission participants will be arranged with companies in any of the above industry sectors.

The program will also include social events: a Welcome Dinner with the Consul General and U.S Commercial Service staff at the US Embassy in Vladivostok, Vladivostok City and Primorsky Krai Officials and a Dinner hosted by Far East Center for Economic Development (FECED) and Far East National University (FENU). Also included is an unforgettable trip by train to Khabarovsk to meet with Russian businesses and government offices capped with a social event/Dinner hosted by Khabarovsk Academy of Economics and Law (KAEL).

Please contact the MBITA office for further details on this Trade Mission to the Russian Far East.



Seventy California Organic Exporters at the COPES Seminar in Sacramento, Feb. 6th, 2004

After the successful launch of the Certified Organic Product Export Strategy (COPES) program last November in Salinas, the Sacramento chapter of the COPES program on Feb. 6th just reasserts the growing need for an educational, yet practical export assistance program for the organic industry in California.

Having the good international marketing skills to sell in the global marketplace is not enough when the international rules and regulations to your market your product change from country to country and some countries are more de-regulated in respect to other ones. The organic industry has developed a growing market and demand worldwide. When the ability to cater and expand your market where cultures accidentally collide is even harder sometimes.

The Sacramento seminar approached the expertise of exporting organic products from all angles: the regulations for foreign country certification; strategic planning, outreach and international trade issues related to the National Organic Program (NOP); use of online technology to manage export transactions efficiently; hands-on tips to market organic products overseas when you deal with different cultures.

Presenters at this COPES seminar were the following:

Secretary A. G. Kawamura, California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA)
Keith Jones, Director Program Development National Organic Program - U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA)
Brian Leahy, President - California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF) / COPES
Brian McElroy, Manager Certification Services - California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF)
Tony Livoti, President - Monterey Bay International Trade association (MBITA) / COPES
John Taylor, VP - Taylor Brothers Farms, Inc.
Tim O'Donnell, VP Marketing and Sales - Lundberg Family Farms
Hal Shenson, President - Nature's Sungrown Foods, Inc.

Don't miss the next seminar on May 13 in Fresno.
For information about the next seminar, visit


Certified Organic Products Export Strategy - California (COPES)
c/o California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF)

1115 Mission Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Phone: (831) 423-2263 Ext. 22

Tony Livoti
COPES Webinar Director
Tel. (831) 469-0148


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MBITA Monterey Chapter Luncheon: Exporting the Technology of the Monterey Bay Crescent
March 23, 2004

It's unusual to see that new emerging technologies and products have so much potential to be successful and to be of great use in the post era.

On March 23rd MBITA and the Monterey Export Assistance Center (EAC) of the U.S. Department of Commerce (USDOC) conducted the MBITA Monterey Chapter luncheon at the Marina Technology Cluster, providing a forum for new high-tech start-ups to present their company's objectives to MBITA and the incubator's global and local networks of investors, entrepreneurs, technology managers and marketing strategists. MBITA also demonstrated new web-based services through on eLogistics for export/import.

Making presentations as tenants of the Marina Technology Cluster were:

Global Protein Products (GPP) is a rapidly growing biotechnology company "on the cutting edge of produce™." GPP's all-natural products enhance the quality of fresh-cut lettuce, carrots, celery and whole berries. GPP also sells PM223, a potato seed treatment that protects against rot and enhances the yield and vigor of potato plants. GPP's products, which are made of a corn protein as well as other natural ingredients, are used in the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

Digital-SchoolsSM Managed Service automates, integrates, and transforms all Human Resource operations for tracking and managing employees in public school districts. Digital-SchoolsSM delivers real-time reporting for all personnel activities while cutting waste out of school operations and delivers data driven decision making tools.

Defense Research LLC develops emergency response software and advanced information solutions for counter-terrorism and Homeland Security. One of Defense Research's products is LIVE SAFE - The Citizens' Emergency Planning and Response e-Guide to Counter-Terrorism" is a comprehensive, single source, reference for individuals, families, businesses, and volunteer first responders. The guide covers planning and emergency response to chemical, biological, nuclear attacks and bombings, and includes signs, symptoms, and treatment, emergency first aid, planning checklists, as well as pet first aid.

The Marina Technology Cluster is a not-for-profit business accelerator in close proximity to the more than 30 technology, science, research and education institutions in the heart of the region's unparalleled, year-round agricultural markets.

The Marina Technology Cluster fosters collaboration with and alliances among business and government providing a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs in the Monterey Bay region to find business assistance, start-up support, access to dynamic research.


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