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April-May 2003 - Issue N. 117
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Fri, Apr 25, 2003
Export Awards Luncheon with Congressman Sam Farr
Sponsored by Monterey Export Assistance Center (EAC)


Old Fisherman's Grotto
Monterey, CA 93940
Time: 11:30am registration
noon lunch to 1:30pm
Admission: $25 members - $30 non members

Fri, May 16th
Global Trade Meets the World Wide Web Conference

Sponsored by MBITA and the Monterey Institute of International Studies (MIIS)
Monterey, CA and the
Association of Monterey Bay Area Governments (AMBAG)

For more info and online registration Click Here
Admission: $95

To register for MBITA luncheons, call 831-469-0148 or email including the event specifics you are signing up for in the subject line.

For more detail on MBITA business events visit


Tony Livoti

Vice President
Shay Adams
Digital Tech Displays

Dr. Edward Valeau
Hartnell College

Victor Cordell
Monterey Institute of International Studies (MIIS)

Marcelo Siero

Jim Faith

Phil Cisneros

Cristina Polesel
General Manager

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MBITA recently received a contract from the Bay Area Economic Forum ( BAEF) and the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce (LACC) to upgrade the very popular is being rejuvenated by MBITA to serve as a next-generation tool for California businesses seeking to conduct business internationally, and for foreign buyers to locate California partners, exporters and importers. The new will incorporate a 'click & mortar' strategy by using MBITA's partners in the California Trade Partners to support its users to better utilize TradePort's online technology and information. The new TradePort will be rolling out this summer and we look forward to your participation.

MBITA looks forward to serving our membership with trade promotion services. Visit the MBITA website at and click on 'Services' for more details.

Tony Livoti
Executive Director

Corporate Sponsor
International Banking Group

1st NationalMBITA is pleased to announce its new corporate sponsor: International Banking Group.

First National Bank. South Valley National Bank, San Benito Bank and Santa Barbara Bank & Trust, divisions of Pacific Capital Bank, are proud to be new corporate sponsors of MBITA.

They offer a variety of international banking solutions for their commercial clients and welcome MBITA members to call on them for solutions to your international banking needs. They provide:

  • Wholesale Foreign Exchange Services
  • Standby Letter of Credit Issuance
  • Import Letter of Credit Issuance
  • Export Letter of Credit Processing
  • Commercial Letter of Credit (Documentary)
  • Documentary Collection Processing (both import and export)
Wholesale Foreign Exchange
The International Banking Group's Wholesale Foreign Exchange product provides commercial clients with the ability to pay or receive foreign currency in a live, highly competitive foreign exchange environment.

The International Banking Group offers a two-tiered approach to its client's foreign exchange needs:


Foreign Exchange allows clients to obtain small amounts of foreign currency in several forms (cash, wire transfer or draft).

The International Banking Group's Wholesale Foreign Exchange product is geared towards commercial clients, who routinely remit or receive foreign currency in amounts ranging from $10,000-$10,000,000; and allows them to access up-to-the-second wholesale exchange rates which are priced according to the amounts transacted.

Commercial clients using the Wholesale Foreign Exchange product have the option of buying or selling foreign currency through IBG, on a "spot" or "forward" basis. Forward contracts are attractive to clients who have fixed, foreign-denominated accounts payable or accounts receivable over a certain period of time (usually 1-12 months) and do not wish to assume foreign exchange risk/exposure.

Standby Letters of Credit
A Standby Letters of Credit (also referred to as a Standby "L/C" ) can be used in a variety of domestic and international transactions. Some examples include: Commercial and residential construction projects, international trade transactions (where there is a need for a performance or payment "guarantee") and commercial leasing transactions where a security deposit is required. A Standby Letter of Credit is an independent commitment on the part of the bank, to pay funds to a third party (the "Beneficiary") for the account of the Bank's client (the "applicant"). Standby Letters of Credit are payable against certain documents which are called for in the Letter of Credit itself.

Commercial Letter of Credit (Documentary)
A Commercial Letter of Credit (also referred to as a "Documentary L/C") is used in commercial trade transactions where an established commercial relationship between a buyer and seller might not exist, or in some cases because of economic restrictions in the buyer's (importer's) country.

A Commercial Letter of Credit is an independent financial commitment on the part of the buyer's bank (the "issuing bank"), to pay funds to a third party ("seller"), for the account of the buyer. They are used exclusively in trade transactions where goods or services are being bought or sold. Commercial Letters of Credit are payable against certain documents which are specified in the Letter of Credit itself; they in no way provide assurance that the Buyer will be satisfied with the merchandise being imported. Likewise, an exporter receiving a Commercial Letter of Credit as payment for merchandise being shipped, should consider several issues such as: Who is the issuing bank, what country is the issuing bank located in, what documents must be provided in order to receive payment and what deadlines must be met.

Documentary Collection Processing both Import and Export
The International Banking Group's Documentary Collection product provides commercial clients who import or export, with a less expensive way to receive and pay for their merchandise, or export their merchandise and receive payment.

A Documentary Collection requires that: 1) The Buyer (importer) and Seller (exporter) agree on the terms of the sale 2) The Seller generates commercial documents relating to the export shipment (usually a Commercial Invoice, Packing List and a Bill of Lading) and presents those documents to the Buyer's Bank, along with a cover letter which includes handling and payment instructions 3) The Buyer's bank contacts the Buyer, and obtains an authorization to debit the buyers account in accordance with the terms set forth in the Documentary Collection 4) The Buyer's bank pays the exporter via wire and forwards the documents to Buyer, along with a "Bank Release" transferring title to the Buyer.

As implied, there is no Letter of Credit in a Documentary Collection transaction; therefore both Buyer and Seller should have an established, positive commercial relationship before agreeing to enter into a Documentary Collection transaction. The cost of processing a Documentary Collection is less than a Commercial Letter of Credit, primarily due to the bank's diminished role in the transaction.


Becky Venard, VP Northern Region
Tel. (831) 658-4614

Shawn Walters, Assistant VP & Product Manager
Tel. 805-899-8456

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Lo Spirito di Amerigo
The California Maritime Education Policy Initiative to Benefit Public Library Collections

… Advancing Knowledge of the Italian & and early American maritime pioneers in Contemporary History and Culture

It is no coincidence that the historic symbol of Bank of America, founded by AP Giannini, is a sailing ship or the famous pants of Levis in San Francisco are the 'jeans' made first from sails for Italian sailors from Genova, Italy.

The Pacific Coast's maritime heritage of Italian, Spanish,
Portuguese, Chinese, Chilean, Argentinean and German immigrants who traveled 'around-the-horn' to California is a sorely missed part of American history in our schools and institutions.

Santa Cruz, California and parts of California can trace their origins back to these early American maritime pioneers. Genovese fishing colonies sailed 'around-the-horn' along the coast of the Americas and found San Francisco and Santa Cruz as places that were very similar to the Italian coast of the Genova region.

MBITA has been contracted by Community Team Builders (CTB) to support this initiative to expand the knowledge of the early maritime pioneers to California and reinvigorate new trade opportunities with the ports-of-call of the early pioneers toItaly, Brazil, Argentina, Chile and California. Cristina Polesel, Membership/Event Manager of MBITA will be leading this project for MBITA.

To act locally and think globally and as part of Lo Spirito D'Amerigo project, MBITA co-sponsored the 1st Annual Santa Cruz County Pesto Pasta & Calamari Feed 2003 took place on International Women's Day, March 8th 2003 in Santa Cruz, California. This event commemorated the Genovese pioneer fishing colony who migrated to Santa Cruz at the turn of the century and lived in Santa Cruz's 'Little Italy' neighborhood. The event was hosted in an 'alley' in Santa Cruz's 'Little Italy' and the alley was officially named 'Via Riva Trigoso' after Santa Cruz's Sister City, Riva Trigoso-Sestri Levante (Italy).

The event honored the late Mary Carniglia, an early Genovese Italian immigrant who lived in Santa Cruz and was the first woman to open a business on the Santa Cruz Wharf. In 1971 Mary was presented Italy's International award, 'Fronda d' Oro' (The Golden Leaf) by the Italian government in recognition for her outstanding service to the Italian community in Santa Cruz. Mary also proposed the idea for Riva Trigoso - Sestri Levante (just outside Sestri Levante, Italy) to become Santa Cruz's Sister City.

This event is just the beginning of a series of events and programs that MBITA will be co-promoting with Community Team Builders (CTB) under the banner of the Amici Della California team will culminate with events in Genova, Italy, which is the European Cultural Capital of 2004. Genova, Italy is a center for commercial and industrial activity such as shipbuilding, and is an emerging center for the information technology and electronic industries.

California has much to gain by reinvigorating its early Maritime pioneer connections. The purpose of Lo Spirito D'Amerigo project is to advance knowledge to all California citizens to the cultural, historical, educational and commercial roots of our early Maritime history. Through the cultural initiatives of the Amici Della California team, these roots will be reinvigorated with new educational, cultural and commercial initiatives for our 21st Century.


Cristina Polesel, Teambuilder
Amici Della California
Tel. + 1 831-335-4780

Press coverage:

Mama and her hometown will be honored

Santa Cruz Sentinel - March 3, 2003
By Dan White

Big Mama - 'Mama Mary' Pesto Feed honors pioneering Italian immigrant Mary Carniglia, who made a huge mark on Santa Cruz

Metro Santa Cruz - March 5, 2003
By Sarah Phelan

Memories of Mama Mary - Reflections on her fierce love for her community and family, by someone who was part of both

Metro Santa Cruz - March 5, 2003
By Jeff Dunn


San Jose Mercury News - March 7, 2003
By Ken McLaughlin

Alley name a salute to city's Italians

San Jose Mercury News - March 8, 2003
By Ken McLaughlin
Alley Renamed to Honor Italian Roots
Santa Cruz Sentinel - March 9, 2003
By Jeanene Harlick

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MBITA Forms Affiliation with Online Translation Company

MBITA has formed an affiliation relationship with Business Languages Inc. in McAllen, Texas to promote online translation services to MBITA members, affiliates and clients.

Business Languages, Inc is opening a new bridge to link people separated by language and high costs of translations.

Founded by the former Diplomat and Linguist Alfredo Vargas and his brother Miguel Vargas, who together represent over 30 years of experience in translation and interpretation in at least 8 languages, Business Languages has put together a network of hundreds of translators and interpreters all over the world to deliver just-in-time translations to everyone.

By subscribing to their Multilingual Service MyVMS or their Spanish counterpart MiSecre, individual users connected to the internet can have their correspondence and documents translated to most languages for a price averaging $10 a page in 48 hours or less.

Those interested in a service franchise to offer certified translations to the public, from their "brick and mortar" shops or premises, can also join MyBL® and MiSecre®, for a very low introductory fee.

They only need a scanner, a color printer and an internet connection to add translations and same language letter writing and editing to the services they can offer to the general public. They can be Spanish speakers needing to write a letter in correct English or English speakers wishing to sell their services or products to non English speakers.

Business Languages translates, edits and re-writes the documents and sends them back to the franchised shop for printing and delivery. Even if you sell phone cards, magazines, computer equipment, cell phones or real estate, translations and letter writing as a service for your customers will help pay the rent, at no additional overhead.

Business Languages, Inc. is a truly global business with franchises in the Americas, Europe, Asia and Australia.


Alfredo Vargas, Founder
Business Languages Inc.
612 W Nolana Loop Suite 310
McAllen, TX, 78504 USA
Voice Mail: 1-877-280-5940 / FAX: 1-815-333-2360

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MBITA New Member

MBITA welcomes US Abalone as a new member. US Abalone began raising abalone in 1990 in a small pilot-scale facility in Santa Cruz, California. The Company has grown to become one of the world's largest abalone producers operating from a state of the art four-acre commercial-scale facility located on the ocean in Davenport, California. US Abalone has almost two million abalone growing in tanks. The Company has recently become the world's largest abalone pearl producer.

US Abalone grows California red abalone, Haliotis rufescens, one the world's most desirable abalone. The Company first spawns mature abalone and then raises the young abalone through the larval, nursery and juvenile stages until they reach three to five years of age. The abalone are grown in a natural environment in land-based tanks where they are provided with a continuous supply of seawater from the adjacent Pacific Ocean. The abalone are fed different types of seaweed and kelp harvested locally from the ocean, and are grown without the use of any antibiotics, steroids or hormones.

Abalone Meat
Abalone is highly prized by epicureans for both its taste and texture. The domestic and international demand for abalone substantially exceeds the supply, and the global supply is rapidly decreasing. The decline in commercial harvesting of abalone throughout the world, due primarily to over-fishing and pollution, has not been offset by increased production from aquaculture. The decline of ocean-based abalone off the California coast has been so drastic that all commercial harvesting of abalone was banned for ten years beginning in December 1997.

US Abalone has sold its farm raised abalone live in the shell for many years. Most of the Company's production is exported, primarily to seafood distributors in Asia. Japan, despite its depressed economy, continues to be the largest importer of abalone. China represents the fastest growing market for abalone. Other markets, such as the United States and Europe, are underserved.

Abalone Pearls
After many years of research and development, US Abalone has developed the ability to culture pearls in the red abalone. The Company's Davenport facility provides an ideal environment for culturing abalone pearls. US Abalone's pearls display the beautiful luster and variety of colors for which the abalone shell is legendary. The magic of the abalone, and what distinguishes them from other pearls, is the variety of colors that it creates - all in one pearl.

US Abalone's pearls have soft sensual tones that are both classic and very wearable. The colors of US Abalone's pearls range from metallic silver, to cream and pink, to various shades of green, to blue and green, with highlights of other colors including magenta. The Company's pearls, like its farm raised abalone, are natural and untreated.

The Company is presently culturing dome-shaped pearls known as "mabe" and "blister" abalone pearls. Abalone pearls can be used in pendants, earrings, rings, brooches and other jewelry for both women and men. Other fine gems may be added to gold, silver and platinum settings to highlight the abalone pearl colors. US Abalone's pearls are marketed under the "Pearls of Passion" brand name.


James R. Webb, CEO
US Abalone - Pearls of Passion

245 Davenport Landing Road, PO Box 254
Davenport, CA 95017
Tel. 831-457-2700
Fax 831-457-2747

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MBITA New Member

MBITA welcomes SnoWonder as a new member. "How can you decorate for winter or Christmas when all artificial snow looks fake and is difficult to work with?" This is a question that decorators, retailers, events planners and amusement developers have been asking for decades.

The answer is SnoWonder, the first artificial snow that is visually identical to real snow.

SnoWonder is cool and wet to the touch, lasts for months, can be dried and reused, and is completely safe and nontoxic. It is a polymer-based powder that absorbs 50 times its volume in water in 20 seconds and yields the most realistic snow imaginable.

Originally developed for indoor sports, Santa Cruz retailer Richard Bayer discovered this product by chance in 2001 and developed SnoWonder for the retail Holiday market in time to introduce it for the 2001 Holiday season. 2002 sales were up 500% and have already been matched in the first quarter of 2003.

is packaged for retail sales and also sold in bulk. Retail customers use it for their home decorating, and it has also been used by professional photographers, amusement parks, zoos, event planners and designers of all types. It is a completely new design element that can be used creatively wherever a glistening white background can be an advantage. Also, because for over 100 years we have used artificial snow that looked completely fake, anyone seeing SnoWonder for the first time stops in astonishment because they think it is real snow. It is an incredible attention getter at openings, events and every type of retail venue.

is so new that it has yet to be seen in the mass market and many new uses are yet to be explored. SnoWonder is actively seeking international distribution and with its rapid growth will be using the MBITA network and additional support and expertise for its operations. Growth has primarily been managed by partnering with aggressive entrepreneurs in areas of the marketplace that have not yet been reached.


Richard Bayer, President
Tel. 831-425-7610
Fax 831-459-6922

Michael Penna, VP Director of Marketing and Sales
Tel. 831-724-0161
Fax 831-724-0165

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MBITA New Member
Successful Software Strategies

Successful Software Strategies helps develop the strategy and tactical steps required to generate revenues from international locations. Kathy Hurley, Principal and Founder of Successful Software Strategies, is a seasoned sales and marketing professional with extensive experience spanning a number of industries including high tech, telecommunications, construction equipment, commercial kitchen equipment, welding consumables and hospitality.

Based in Silicon Valley for the past 10 years, Kathy has worked as both a senior manager and a consultant to both start-ups and leading software publishers providing channel marketing, partner marketing, marketing communications, product marketing, event management as well as web site design, content and localization services.

If you are a software publisher and are looking for an evangelist that can deliver overseas clients and revenues or you are a publisher that helps companies streamline the export process, Successful Software Strategies can help you.


Kathy Hurley, Principal and Founder
Successful Software Strategies
2250 Bohannon Dr.
Santa Clara, Ca 95050
Tel: 408-615-1551

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MBITA New Member
C Lynch International

MBITA welcomes C Lynch International as a new member. "Your Door to International Markets and Governments" This motto sums up how the strategic management consulting services of C Lynch International contribute to successful business deals. In today's world, international business requires an understanding of both markets and governments. C Lynch International creates strategies to help companies find partners, craft deals while minimizing bureaucratic red-tape. The following are some recent examples of how C Lynch International has helped companies enter new markets:

  • A California based environmental services company wanted to sell a product to a state-owned corporation in Chile. C Lynch International developed a strategy to target the parastatal, set up meetings with high-ranking officials and found a unique financing vehicle for the project.
  • A German ship brokerage company had a contract for construction of vessels for use in Russia. C Lynch International introduced the broker to an American engine manufacturing company and worked with both parties to find financing for the project.
  • A Silicon Valley software company developed a product for airport security applications. C Lynch International worked with the company to develop a government relations strategy and introduced the company to systems integrators which have contracts with the Transportation Security Administration.

Christopher Lynch, President and Founder, was previously a senior US diplomat, last as US Consul General in Hamburg. He has advised US companies on how to enter international markets and successfully lobbied senior-level European and Latin American officials on behalf of American firms. He has also worked for Caterpillar Financial Services and was part of a team that opened branches in Spain and Mexico. He is the chairperson of the International Business Alliance of the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce and organizes seminars on international business for the Silicon Valley Center for International Trade Development.

The main office of C Lynch International is in Marin County and the company has partnership arrangements with three German companies located in Berlin and Hamburg.


Christopher Lynch, President and Founder
C Lynch International
11 Acacia Ave.
Belvedere, Ca 94920
Tel. 415-717-1105


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