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March - April 2003 - Issue N. 116
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Fri, Feb 21st
Business In A Foreign Culture - Trade Carefully for Success

El Palomar Restaurant
Santa Cruz, CA
Time: 11:30am registration
noon lunch to 1:30pm
Admission: $20 members - $25 non members

Fri, March 21st
Information Technology & Global eCommerce Solutions For Small Business

The new Univ. of Ca. MBEST Center
Marina, CA
Time: 11:30am registration
noon lunch to 1:30pm
Admission: $20 members - $25 non members

Fri. April 11th
Global Trade Meets the World Wide Web Conference

Sponsored by MBITA and the Monterey Institute of International Studies (MIIS
Monterey Institute of International Studies (MIIS)
Monterey, CA
For more info and online registration Click Here
Admission: $175

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MBITA's membership continues to grow with an array of innovative and unique businesses and consultants which typifies the diverse business culture of the Monterey Bay.

Investment vehicles for foreign partners, energy saving technologies to ground-breaking global satellite phone companies have joined the MBITA ranks. All these businesses have one thing in common, finding foreign partners.

MBITA looks forward to serving our membership with trade promotion services. Go to the MBITA website ( and CLICK on 'Services' for more details.

Robert "Tony" Livoti
Executive Director

MBITA New Corporate Sponsor "GLOBALSTAR L.P."

MBITA is pleased to announce its new corporate sponsor: Globalstar L.P. Globalstar is the next-generation provider of mobile satellite communication services, providing telephone communication to previously unserved or under-served geographical areas. Globalstar provides access to voice and data communications services from virtually every populated area of the world.

Satellite telephones have been around since the 1970s, but until recently, they were bulky, awkward to use, and very expensive. The current generation of satphones, however, has turned this industry on its head, making inexpensive, pocket-sized phone units available for use from almost anywhere in the world.

Of all the providers today of handheld satellite phones, Globalstar is by far the most widely-used. With over 80,000 subscribers, Globalstar provides very high-quality voice and data communications services in more than 100 countries and across vast ocean areas, far beyond the reach of terrestrial-based wireless systems. And Globalstar calls can be made for as little as 17 cents a minute.

Globalstar phones are used today by a wide variety of businesses and government organizations that need to stay in touch no matter where they go. These include maritime industries, transport operators, pipeline companies and forestry and mining businesses. In the government sector, agencies at the federal, state and local level use Globalstar phones for law enforcement, search and rescue and even fire-fighting operations in remote areas.

Globalstar was originally developed as a partnership between several of the world's foremost aerospace and telecommunications companies, including Loral Space & Communications, Qualcomm, France Telecom, Alcatel, China Telecom, Vodafone, Finmeccanica, and DaimlerChrysler Aerospace. Following the construction and launch of its 48-satellite constellation, the company launched commercial service in early 2000. Its unique CDMA-based architecture not only ensures exceptionally clear and secure voice signals but also provides for remarkably reliable connections, as each call is carried by up to four satellites simultaneously. If the signal to one satellite is blocked by a building or other obstruction, the call is switched seamlessly and automatically to another satellite, retaining the connection.

Globalstar also offers 9.6 kbps data service, the highest true data speed of any handheld satellite phone, and multichannel modem products have been developed to provide still higher speeds. A variety of other products and accessories have also been developed for a wide range of applications, including maritime and aviation uses.

Peter White
Vice President of Sales And Marketing
Globalstar L.P.
3200 Zanker Rd. Bldg 260, M/S GS-02
San Jose, CA 95134
Tel. 408-933-4434 - Fax: 408-933-4954

MBITA New Member: Utility Systems Corporation

MBITA welcomes new member Utility Systems Corporation. Utility Systems Corporation is a Scotts Valley, California-based provider of electricity and water meters, semiconductor components and advanced gateway products for utility information and payment systems. Utility Systems, with operations in South Africa, Europe, China and California, is a supplier to leading utility and facility management systems companies worldwide

Utility Systems recently formed an alliance with Pacific Systems Control Technology on a Chinese venture with Holley Import & Export Company of China. Holley is China's leading provider of electric meters and related equipment, systems and services. Pacific Systems is a technology company that concentrates on the utilities metering and power automation industry.

After a year of negotiations and product development the contract was signed for the delivery of $20 million of four types of fully electronic and modularly designed electricity meters to China. The transaction with Holley as the buyer calls for products specifically designed and manufactured for Pacific Systems and Holley by Utility Systems of Scotts Valley, California. This Utility Systems alliance is the first such sale of advanced metering products by Pacific Systems.

The total order of $20 million in meters will be divided into five releases to be delivered over a period of approximately two years. The meters are sophisticated intelligent meters for use in communications systems, energy management, and on-line energy control environments. These new fully electronic units have the ability to give instantaneous visibility to customers and utilities of the quality and consumption of power over broadband, 100 Megabit network links and the Internet. Initial applications include the world's largest power distribution systems inside of China.

"These products, once successfully delivered to end users, will represent the new world standard in performance, cost-effectiveness and technology." says Mr. Richard (LiCheng) Wang, Chairman of both the Holley Group of China and also Pacific Systems."I am delighted to see that Pacific Systems can finally take advantage of the vast Chinese market through the presence of the Holley Group," remarks Mr. Wang. Mr. Wang."This was my vision from the start, to have Pacific Systems source technology products in the U.S. and sell them into China through Holley's already established marketing contacts", continues Mr.Wang. Holley is currently the largest shareholder of Pacific Systems.

"This is a landmark partnership of technology, market and production capability", stated Dr. John Heibel, Chairman and CEO of Utility Systems. "We are excited to be in an alliance with the world-leading electric utility meter provider - the Holley Group - in the Pacific Systems Venture."

Tripat Mangat
Executive Vice President
Utility Systems Corporation
380 El Pueblo Drive
Scotts Valley, CA 95066
Tel. 831-440-5811
Fax: 831- 440-5806

Silicon Valley Executive Lou Panetta Joins MBITA

MBITA is pleased to announce the recent membership of Mr. Lou Panetta. Lou is the former president and CEO of Fujitsu Personal Systems, Inc., the world leader in Tablet PC and hand-held mobile computers. Under Panetta's direction, Fujitsu Personal Systems captured more than 60% of the worldwide market and achieved a 50% compounded annual growth rate. In addition, Panetta rebuilt the company's U.S. sales channel and expanded operations into Europe, Australia and South America, establishing more than 400 value-added resellers and system integrators worldwide.

With extensive International experience, particularly in Japanese Business Practices, and hands-on operational experience in Europe, Lou brings a wealth of background in the specific areas most critical to MBITA and our members.

Including his seven-year assignment with Fujitsu, Panetta has more than 30 years of diversified experience in sales, marketing, systems engineering and general management of high technology companies, including Novell, Grid Systems, Faraday Electronics and Eastman Kodak.

Lou is currently on the Board of Directors of two Public Companies and is available to discuss business opportunities with other MBITA Members who are faced with Marketing, General Management or International business opportunities. In addition to the above, Lou has founded an eCommerce Venture backed start-up focusing on the mobile computing and wireless industry. His Internet application and infrastructure knowledge has proved to be invaluable as 21st century companies move to knowledge based strategies.

Lou has a BS Degree in Mathematics and attended the Advanced Management Program at the Haas Business School, University of California, Berkeley. He lives in Monterey, Ca. with his wife Kathy.

Lou Panetta
827 Via Mirada
Monterey, CA 93940

MBITA New Member: Milestone Consulting

A new member called Milestone Consulting has joined the MBITA membership. Milestone Consulting is a financial services firm that helps high net-worth clients, and family held businesses accumulate and preserve wealth on a tax-favored basis. Until recently Milestone has concentrated its efforts in reducing client income and estate tax liabilities within the United States. With the availability of very inexpensive sources of money, Milestone is now participating in an international initiative focused on wealth accumulation in Mexico and Japan.

Steven Scammell is the founder of Milestone Consulting and has been in the financial services business since 1978. He graduated from the University of California, Berkeley, and is also a Chartered Life Underwriter and Chartered Financial Consultant from the American College. He is a Vietnam era veteran serving in the Marine Corps and lives in Capitola, CA with his wife, Sheri.

"We are very interested in utilizing MBITA's international network to identifying high net-worth clients in Mexico and Japan and look forward to a very successful relationship with the MBITA network", states Steven Scammell.

Steven Scammell
Milestone Consulting
PO Box 1368
Capitola, CA 95010
Tel: 408-799-4874
Fax: 408-462-2127

Success Story in Santa Cruz: The Bloofusion Group

- Best of Breed Venture Provides Online Marketing Solutions for Global Mid-sized Businesses

Last year, MBITA member SynapseFusion, Inc. and BLOONATIC LLC combined forces in a joint venture called The Bloofusion Group, based in Silicon Valley. Bloofusion currently has signed up several new clients around the world, ranging from top national universities to culinary schools, European translation bureaus to boating supplies companies.

Bloofusion is a one-stop outsourcing partner for complete search engine visibility, online marketing and business development solutions addressed to mid-level corporate customers needs. Bloofusion has a unique combination of technology and marketing experience to augment profits by increasing web site traffic, implementing community marketing, providing competitive intelligence and various other online and offline activities.

By combining talents and resource pools of two companies, Bloofusion differentiates itself from other companies by providing complete, customized, global online solutions that include web visitor tracking tools, community and viral marketing and online business development strategies. Their solutions will boost your company sales while providing brand value for the products and services.

While Santa Cruz-based SynapseFusion contributed its strong global marketing base, BLOONATIC, located in Silicon Valley, added search engine technology savvy to the venture. "We are a best-of-breed provider in the online marketing sector," commented Andreas Mueller, President of Bloofusion. "Surprisingly enough, this is a sector in dire need, since it is serviced by two opposite groups of providers: the high-end boutique firms with five-digit monthly retainers and the lower end quick-fix shops, selling solutions for $49."

Bloofusion recently conducted a study of 53,000 e-commerce web sites to determine the degree to which sites are optimized for online visibility: Over two-thirds failed to take advantage of search engines to connect prospective customers to their products and services. During current economic downsizing, there is a need to creatively use every asset a company has - including a web site's ability to represent a formidable sales and marketing channel.

In conjunction with a contract that Bloofusion will be signing with a major network of European multimedia companies, the company just opened a European office in Germany in January. Andreas Mueller comments: "Bloofusion is now able to provide a unique set of online marketing services to both US and European companies. Our customers "ill not only be able to penetrate their domestic markets, but also test overseas markets via the Internet."

Learn more about your company's web site traffic by visiting Bloofusion has a special deal for MBITA members who may use the Bloofusion TrafficTracker for their web sites for a six-month trial. Take a second and sign up for the monthly newsletter that is full of tips and tricks for search engine optimization.

Bloofusion Group
Andreas Mueller
Tel. (831) 688-7188
Email :

MBITA Partner: TechVentures Network - An entrepreneur's source for success

TechVentures Network, formerly Bay Area Regional Technology Alliance (BARTA), was founded in 1994 by the California Technology Trade & Commerce Agency and a consortium of private and public sector groups. Tech Ventures' mission is to facilitate access to funding, vital business data and services for Bay Area technology companies, notably through the California Technology Investment Partnership (CalTIP), a state grant fund focused on turning cutting-edge technologies into commercial products and services.

The programs and services offered by TechVentures contribute to the economic growth of the greater Bay Area small businesses - the most productive segment of the US economy. According to data from the American Electronics Association/Ernst & Young Biotechnology Industry Annual Report, California gained more than 210,000 new jobs in high-tech and biotechnology between 1993 and 1998 -- more than making up the 200,000 jobs lost to defense cuts, banking consolidation and reduced mining activities in the previous decade. Prior to 2000, total employment in the high-tech and biotech sectors was estimated to be more than 885,000, and average worker annual income exceeded $60,000. Small companies, many of which did not exist 10 years earlier, created most of these jobs, and, if supported financially by capital markets, will do so again.

Success Stories

TechVentures Networks is leading the way helping biotech and medtech companies in this region to market.Somagenics, Inc. a two-time CalTIP grant recipient, developed the RNA Lasso, a new class of molecule for controlling gene expression. Kumetrix, Inc.,, another CalTIP winner, recently developed silicon micro needles for painless blood analyte monitoring based on the dynamics of a mosquito bite. TechVentures Network, through CalTIP and other services, helped this primarily R&D company commercialize its products with corporate partners.

Other successes include aviation and instrumentation innovator Seagull Technologies and Aloha Networks, a provider of wireless communications solutions. Seagull Technologies develops DSS, modeling and analysis and simulation software to customers like the FAA, NASA, DOD, DOE, DOT, and the airline industry. Aloha Networks' first commercial offering, SkyDSL, will provide high speed bi-directional internet access using satellites for carriers and service providers to offer new communication services to their customers.

Why companies work with TechVentures

One of the most difficult challenges an entrepreneur faces in today's economic downturn is finding sources of funding, including grants and seed money, investment rounds from venture capital, and investments from private investors and institutional sources. In the last seven years, TechVentures Network has helped more than 66 Bay Area companies to receive grants totaling more than $11.95 million in state funds, leveraging nearly $30 million in R&D support, and more than $200 million in private funding.

TechVentures Network is spearheading development of the Atlas for the New Economy (ATLAS), a web-based data center supporting the creation and development of knowledge-based industries. The ATLAS addresses key business data components of industrial infrastructure development with GIS mapping of topography, industrial clusters, resources and economic statistics.

Whether a company seeks to enlarge it's market internationally, or an international company, government body or foundation seeks to build a market presence in the Bay Area, TechVentures Network facilitates bi-directional access to develop partnerships and strategic alliances between qualified companies, regions, and sources of funding.

Working with successful business services companies and firms including local chambers of commerce, area universities, networking organizations for technology startups, public relations and marketing consulting firms, TechVentures Network provides a suite of vetted resources to our client companies. Friday Flash, a weekly email broadcast to almost 3000 entrepreneurs, investors and service providers, delivers an ongoing source of information about our programs and events, and other resources for growing businesses.

Global Tech Link is a structured, fee-for-service, comprehensive 6-month business development program. The goal of this program is to assist the formation of strategic alliances with selected potential partners overseas. The ideal candidate is small and medium-sized technology-based California companies who are developing innovative, globally competitive products in industry sectors significant to the continued economic growth of the State and its regions. Space is limited to 6-8 companies per 6-month program cycle. Services provided are: company analysis, market analysis, strategic planning, marketing material, legal issues, taxation issues, financial planning, certifications and licenses, web strategies, matchmaking, alliance process, and implementation. Connections Include: Australia, Belgium, Chile, China, European Union, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Israel, Japan, Korea, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan.

Judith Pacult
President and CEO
TechVentures Network
Tel. 510- 271-4116
Fax: 510.271.4129