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September-October 2001 - Issue N. 109

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The MBITA Board of Directors and its new members are moving forward with the MBITA New Century plan.

This includes enhancing and expanding MBITA's Global eCommerce 2001 Virtual training, forming a sub-committee on the proposed Monterey eLearning conference and creating a model Global eCommerce portal between SMEs in the Russian Far East and California.

The focus of the proposed eLearning conference will be addressing the foreign language barriers issues to eLearning...what better place to hold the conference than the 'Language Capital of the World', Monterey, CA.

Please see MBITA Global eCommerce 2001 virtual eLearning courses on MBITA web site.

Robert "Tony" Livoti
Executive Director


Upcoming events:

Thur, September 27
Global eLogistics Seminar
SBA*Cisco Systems*San Jose Entrepreneur Center
San Jose, CA 95113
84 W. Santa Clara Street
Online registration
9:00am -12:00noon
Admission fee: $35.00

Thu, October 18
Think global and act local with possibilities of global trade

Benvenuti Restaurant,
450 Marsh St.

San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
Time: 11:30am registration
noon lunch to 2:00pm
Admission fee:

Fri, October 26
Insurance and debt collection in the global marketplace

Hilton Monterey,
1000 Aguajito Road.

Monterey, CA 93940
Time: 11:30am registration
noon lunch to 1:30pm
Admission fee:
Members: $20.00
Non-members: $25.00


For more information on MBITA events please visit the MBITA "Events" web page
or contact the MBITA office.


MBITA Board of Directors:

John Griffin
Smith Barney

Vice President
Shay Adams
Slautterback, Inc.


Dr. Edward Valeau
Hartnell College

Jeffrey J. Munks
San Francisco State University (SFSU)

Victor Cordell
Monterey Institute of International Studies (MIIS)

Marcelo Siero

Executive Director/Trade Manager
Tony Livoti


Membership/Event Manager
Cristina Polesel

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Phone: 1-831-469-0148
Fax: 1-831-469-0917
Email: info@mbita.org
Web: http://www.mbita.org

This newsletter has been created by MBITA's editor
Cristina Polesel


If you would like to have an article published on this newsletter please contact the editor by email.

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Santa Cruz Sentinel
Online edition

"We have a link to... any country in the world. Expand that to California, and there's no one who can compete with us."


MBITA's New Corporate Sponsor: Equity Now Mortgage Corporation

MBITA welcomes its neighbor and new corporate sponsor, Equity Now Mortgage Corporation.

Founded by Jim Bargones in July 2000, Equity Now is a new economy company. Through utilization of the latest technologies and commitment to nurturing client relationships, Equity Now assures the best available opportunities to those seeking loans.

In an interview with R.H. Jones, Senior Loan Officer, some interesting observations about the global economy were made. We enjoy contributing to our local community through personal and financial participation in its non-profit organizations. Equity Now supports MBITA in its recognition of our global economy's future!

The "new economy" was a phrase often heard in the last years of the 20th Century! What separates the new economy from the old economy?
The Internet and its new technologies make available faster, better, cheaper, and more efficient ways to communicate with the world.

The ability to do business worldwide is truly the future of commerce. We are living in a global village! The Internet highway has been laid. Less expensive production and over capacity (direct effects of the very technology that made this Internet highway possible) has lead to the increasing threat of a worldwide recession. Other questions beg to be asked: "Does more information equate to knowledgeable, practical applications? Do recessions have a purpose? Is faster better?"

The world economy is still an idea seeking to come to earth! Cyberspace is interesting, but only meaningful if it has a direct correlation to the needs of the earth. As many have learned, having a web site is comparable to having an idea. Ideas are plentiful, but at the end of the day can they manifest as goods or services that are useful and profitable?

The excesses of the rapidly expanded economy are being eliminated. Hopefully, if a recession is necessary to further eliminate these excesses, it will be minimal and short-lived. Value systems differing from one culture to the next are being compared. We all agree on some level that through clarity of thought and coordinated will, we will bring about a better world for all.

National economies are trying to find their place within this new world economy. Multi-national corporations are naturally taking advantage of the times. Individuals, entrepreneurs and small businesses that seek to do business globally must learn to operate within the laws of the nations and states in which they wish to do business, competing with the global corporations and operating under the conditions of a new world economy that replaces the old world national economies.

At the beginning of the last century, economic science and the other so-called "soft" sciences were first establishing themselves within the natural scientific community. The natural sciences seek to establish the relationships between matter, while the soft sciences seek to establish healthy human relationships. Economic science is striving to unfold lawfully.

The MBITA network is global and our neighbor MBITA is now assisting Equity Now in entering the much-expanded global community.

Equity Now may be reached via our global community at: http://www.equitynowonline.com.
In the time it takes to fill in the blanks on our loan application and send, we can transmit your application and seek automated approval for your loan online. While this process is fast, it serves as only a partial reflection of Equity Now and its services. "Yes, we use these tools, but only as an adjunct to our greatest assets: our product knowledge, experience and care for our clients. We assist people just like you making educated decisions in choosing what mortgage product is best for you," R.H. Jones declares.

"Whether it is a 30 year fixed rate mortgage (a product from the 1930's era), an adjustable rate, a deferred interest loan with a minimum payment, or any one of dozens of mortgage products, we will work slowly and methodically to help you evaluate the best mortgage your money can buy," R.H. continues. "Once your decision is made and all of your concerns are addressed, we will transmit your application online for automated underwriting approval, completing the process for final approval with the minimum of documentation, cost and time" R.H. remarks.

Equity Now - a comfortable blend of new technologies, and old-school values. "Human beings are still the key to our successful enterprise. We look forward to hearing from you online, by phone or in person at our offices located next door to our good neighbors MBITA," R.H. concludes.

MBITA looks forward to supporting Equity Now's efforts throughout the Monterey Bay region and the world.

Equity Now Mortgage Corporation
R.H. Jones, Senior Loan Officer

725 Front St - Ste 101
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Tel: 831.425.2274
web: http://www.equitynowonline.com

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Electronic Global Logistics: Necessity for making the global supply chain a reality

In the upcoming "Global eLogistics Management Seminar" (September 27th, 2001) sponsored by MBITA, Logistics Alliance Strategies (LAS), a company that specializes in helping firms understand the global logistics environment as well as ways to improve their global processes, will present materials and discuss some of the most recent changes in global logistics.

LAS is a new member of MBITA. Along with its key associates, LAS has over 100 years of experience in the global logistics arena. Its founder, Bill Goldsborough managed global logistics operations in both industry and provider industries before entering the consulting arena more than 13 years ago.

LAS assists international shippers, manufacturers and carriers in the design and implementation of international supply chain strategies that can lead to competitive advantage through improved operating performance and customer relations. The firm's principal mission is to help companies become more competitive in their global markets by leveraging their internal resources with the emerging capabilities provided by external technology and operations providers.

"With trade and global investment set to expand at record levels, few companies can escape the imperatives of global competition today," Mr. Goldsborough remarks. "To compete successfully, firms, across virtually all industries, must put in place state of the art supply chains that can design, produce and deliver the right product to the right place at precisely the right time to both their internal and external customers," Mr. Goldsborough continues. They must do this, moreover, at the lowest total cost over distances that may cover thousands of miles, multiple country borders and a myriad of cultures, rules and regulations.

Logistics (the transport, inventory management and distribution of product and materials) is an integral but separate component of the broader supply chain process. As such, for firms to be fully competitive, the logistics processes that they establish must also become state of the art. However, compared to the domestic logistics sector, breakthrough improvements in the global arena have been slow to occur. There are multiple reasons for this but the main ones relate to distance, trade barriers, fragmentation of the transport industry and underdeveloped technology.

But much has changed in recent years. "Supported largely by advances in information technology, especially e-logistics breakthroughs, as well as the logistics operations outsourcing, many companies in such diverse industries as consumer electronics, semi conductors, automobiles and parts, consumer packaged goods, chemicals, transport and testing equipment, etc. are pulling in front of their competitors because of their superior global logistics capabilities," Mr. Goldsborough concludes.

Prior to consulting, Mr. Goldsborough was in the international forwarding industry for 11 years, where he managed ocean, air and brokerage operations and became licensed as a broker. It is this combination of consulting and practical industry exposure that led to the creation of LAS.

William Goldsborough, Ph.D., holds a Doctorate in international political economy from the University of Nebraska. In addition to his work in strategic alliances and performance improvement, he has conducted seminars on strategic supply chain management in multiple U.S. and European locations and has published for Macmillan Press and Stanford Research Institute on the subjects of alliance and global supply chain strategy.

MBITA looks forward to Mr. Goldsborough' presentation scheduled September 27th at the Cisco's (SBA) Business Center in San Jose, 9:00am to noon.

Logistics Alliance Strategies
William Goldsborough, President
11 Via Las Encinas
Carmel Valley, CA 93924
Tel and fax: 831-659-2068
email: wgoldsborough@redshift.com

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MBITA's New Member:
Global Horizons Unlimited

MBITA's new member Global Horizons Unlimited is an international business consulting firm committed to unleashing the creative spirit of business leaders locally and globally. They provide consulting services in the following areas:

*Growth and Development of Company or Corporate Strategies
*Managment of People
*Management of Systems
*Management of Cash Flow
*Fulfillment of Company or Corporate Goals

The forms of consultation are:
*One-On-One Executive Consulting
*Mangement and Leadership Consulting
*Workshops and Trainings

Phil Cisneros, with over 14 years of consulting experience, offers business owners, CEOs, executives and business leaders a practical yet unique approach to forwarding the future of their business. With a focus on evaluating the three most important areas of a business, management of systems, management of people and management of cash flow, Phil Cisneros works with his clients so that all three of these areas become powerful and effective for the business.

As the founder and owner of Global Horizons, Phil Cisneros has become increasingly
aware of the economic connections on a global scale. Since 1985, Global Horizons has
impacted the progress of hundreds of businesses through executive consulting, workshops and management consulting.

The company has worked with small businesses as well as large corporations in the United States as well as Canada and Mexico. Their commitment is to have businesses create for themselves a future that calls forth unprecedented action that generates breakthrough results through commitment, leadership and clarity. "What I have found to be the key elements to success in the international marketplace is to increase the network of conversations that generates business," Phil comments. "Having a global vision of those networks of conversations can expand opportunities for a business beyond a limited view of what's possible. What's needed next is to create an empowering structure that would take that opportunity to fulfillment and breakthrough results," Phil continues.

In today's economy, there are a lot of conversations about the recession and the economic slowdown. Global Horizons went from abundance to scarcity in a matter of months. "The more conversations we had about the 'coming recession,' the more we started clinging to our money. We gave power to the possibility of an economic slowdown in our networks of conversations, not only here in the United States, but around the world," Phil remarks. "We fulfilled that possibility with fear and scarcity, which gave us the results we have today. In the same manner, we have the opportunity to create a new economy that is filled with abundant resources, exchanges and productivity," Phil continues.

The design of economic future is not just in the hands of the economic experts. "We must seize the moment to be the designers of a prosperous economic community that is global in scale and includes the networks of business owners around the world. We have the opportunity to act consistent with that prosperity and manifest the results that would sustain our productivity and ingenuity," Phil concludes.

Designing that future with business owners is the work of Global Horizons, Unlimited.

Global Horizons Unlimited
Phil Cisneros, President
1345 Broad Street
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401
Tel. 805-541-3451 Fax: 805-541-6981

email: philcisneros@charter.net

web: http://www.globalhorizonsbiz.net

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Friday, August 24, 2001

Farr: District could impact global economy
Central Coast's Diversity heralded as major commodity in world trade relations

By Mike De Give
Sentinel Staff Writer

CASTROVILLE - The Central Coast's diversity of languages and cultures can be a resource to propel local businesses into a global market, Rep. Sam Farr told a group of business people Wednesday.
"We have a link to ... any country in the world, " Farr, D-Carmel, said at a luncheon hosted by the Monterey Bay International Trade Association. "Expand that to California, and there's no one who can compete with us."
In his new post as a member of Congress' agricultural appropriations committee, Farr has seen how federal spending programs can directly benefit the Central Coast, he said.
For instance, the nation's dietary pyramid urges Americans to eat more fruits and vegetables, but federal commodities programs protect prices for wheat, soy beans and corn - not the specialty crops grown here.
"School lunch programs spend $15 million on mozzarella cheese and practically nothing for tomatoes and lettuce," Farr said after the meeting. "I want the government, including the military, to start buying the things we grow around here.
"We spent a lot of time developing this dietary pyramid. We advocate that these are the things we need to have children and adults eat, and then we don't go out and buy them."
Farr's talk touched on issues ranging from the future of trade with Cuba to the debate over the commodities carried by Mexican trucks being allowed across the border under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).
About 75 people from the Central Coast's business community attended the networking luncheon, organized by the Monterey Bay International Trade Association (MBITA), which is based in Santa Cruz at the McPherson Center.
The association is a nonprofit group that provides local businesses access to global resources through technology to maximize profits in the global economy.
Members showed interest in Farr's comments about China, which is being considered for membership in the World Trade Organization (WTO). Such acceptance would lower Chinese tariffs on several of California's agricultural products. Duties on wine could drop from 65 percent to 20 percent; citrus could drop from 40 percent to 17 percent; beef from 45 percent to 29 percent; and duties on almonds, berries and pears could drop from 30 percent to 10 percent, he said.
Besides its business impact, Farr said the policies of the WTO illustrate the political diversity of his district, which contains 650,000 people in San Benito, Monterey and Santa Cruz counties.
Sometimes it's hard to find a middle ground, he said.
He noted that about 40 student volunteers from the Monterey Institute of International Studies (MIIS) headed to Seattle last year to help facilitate the WTO's meeting in Seattle. "On the other hand, we probably had 400 students from UC Santa Cruz up there that had been training in Oregon to stop those same meetings," he said.

Contact Mike De Give at

For an online version of this article go to the "Archive" section in the Santa Cruz Sentinel

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MBITA New Century Plan

MBITA has many exciting plans for the next few years, which you won't want to miss!

MBITA is keeping pace with the latest in Internet assistance for international trade! Our Trade Manager is up on the latest URL's and technical tools online to complete most aspects of a global trade transaction.

Global eCommerce has become a specialty for MBITA Executive Director Tony Livoti. MBITA will be holding presentations and trainings throughout the three counties.

Working in alliance with the Far Eastern Center for Economic Development in Vladivostok, MBITA will develop an online portal to connect Californian and Russian Small-to-Mid Sized Enterprises.

Monterey is known as a "language learning center" and rightly this includes eLearning. MBITA hopes to co-host a conference in Monterey to promote the development and use of eLearning tools.

The large network of export assistance centers in California is closely tracking the implications of NAFTA policy and the development of FTAA. We will monitor regional impacts and keep you informed.

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