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June/July 2001 - Issue N. 108
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MBITA and Hartnell College in Salinas, Ca, have initiated a series of Global eCommerce courses beginning this July. These courses cover 14 hours of in-depth online methods of how to conduct international business from a PC.

These courses are a result of MBITA acquiring Global eCommerce expertise when providing trade promotion services to over 150 businesses under the BAYTRADE export promotion program.

MBITA's Global eCommerce 101 Courses will cover market research, competitive intelligence, shipping logistics, contract/negotiation and banking procedures.

These courses will be held on three consecutive Saturdays (July 7th, 14th and 21st from 10:00am to 4:00pm), at Hartnell College in Salinas.

Please see MBITA Global eCommerce 2001 virtual eLearning courses on MBITA web site.

Robert "Tony" Livoti
Executive Director


Upcoming events:

July 27
Export Opportunities in the Internet and Telco Industries with Spain

El Palomar Restaurant,
1344 Pacific Ave.

Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Time: 11:30am registration
noon lunch to 1:30pm
Admission fee:
Members: $20.00
Non-members: $25.00

July 7th-14th-21th
(Three consecutive Saturdays)

Global eCommerce Course
Hartnell College
Salinas, CA.
Online registration
10:00am -4:00pm
Admission fee: $147.00

For more information on MBITA events please visit the MBITA "Events" web page
or contact the MBITA office.


MBITA Board of Directors:

John Griffin
Smith Barney

Vice President
Shay Adams
Slautterback, Inc.


Dr. Edward Valeau
Hartnell College

Jeffrey J. Munks
San Francisco State University (SFSU)

Victor Cordell
Monterey Institute of International Studies (MIIS)

Marcelo Siero

Executive Director/Trade Manager
Tony Livoti


Membership/Event Manager
Cristina Polesel

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MBITA Contact Info

725 Front St. Ste 104
Santa Cruz, CA 95060 U.S.A.
Phone: 1-831-469-0148
Fax: 1-831-469-0917
Email: info@mbita.org
Web: http://www.mbita.org

This newsletter has been created by MBITA's editor
Cristina Polesel


If you would like to have an article published on this newsletter please contact the editor by email.

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MBITA's New Member:
Meson Group

Founded in March 2001, the Meson Group is an international start-up providing cryptography and data security consulting services. With offices in the United States and Japan, the company offers specialized staffing resources to ensure a network's commitment to confidentiality and security. From small web site security upgrades or vulnerability analysis to enabling security features in flagship applications, the Meson Group provides highly qualified development support.

With 15 years of experience in engineering, product development and launch, and technical marketing for firms such as Fujifilm, RSA Data Security and Hifn, Jim Faith currently leads the Marketing and Business Development efforts for the Meson Group. For the past few years, Jim has focused his professional career interests on digital currency and cryptographic implementations of online payment systems. He's one of the three founders of Meson Group.

Security technology includes four primary components required by any online security system: remote authentication and authorization, confidentiality, data integrity and non-repudiation. "As the global market has increasingly developed into a commercial infrastructure overlaying the Internet, online security system technology has been going through an evolution. Security is now critical to any information infrastructure. It's a fundamental part of the public consciousness, " Jim declares. Any business application that allows a customer to purchase products or services online with the option of different forms of payments must guarantee security features and requirements. "Specializing in the wireless marketplace, Meson Group assists any commercial platform in selecting a technology or toolkit to properly develop a hacker-resistant application and implement its security system," Jim continues. "The company business is growing and looks at Japan and Scandinavia with its high percentage of wireless users as the most profitable global markets," he continues.

The Meson staff has a long history of working with development tools and languages, from Verilog to Assembly, 'C', C++, and Java. Its team is experienced in the development of software, hardware, firmware, client, server, n-tier, and embedded applications. The staff has extensive experience with Windows and Unix operating systems and development tools, as well as experience designing and using cryptographic tokens (such as smart cards, digital wallets, and iButtons), hardware accelerators, and cryptographic coprocessors.

By performing accurate analysis of a customer network and assisting in configuring secure web servers, virtual private networks and firewalls, the Meson team can develop a threat and vulnerability model to extrapolate and implement security policies and assist in the selection, installation, and integration of security products.

Based on trust, Global eCommerce uses cryptography through firewalls and virtual private network channels to develop online protection systems (digital financial systems, digital trademarks, digital certificates) requiring security and confidentiality.

"In the year 2000 a Federal law passed which declared the digital signature as a legally binding technology," Jim Faith remarks. Digital identification systems prevent digital identity theft and fraud. "Online copyright infringement has created a need to develop systems of digital artwork protection such as watermarks," Jim continues. International laws allow technology to evolve towards securing paperless ways of conducting business transactions in the global marketplace and publishing online under secure copyright protection.

Online data security systems are in great demand in the healthcare industry, where secure data storage of personal/private information is required. Secure private protocol channels ("sessions") are now embedded in most popular Web browsers, which allows cryptography to provide cheaper ways to exchange confidential information and currency in the global network and makes this technology increasingly more affordable to the small business community and the private user.

Meson Group (US)
Jim Faith
555 Bryant St. #465
Palo Alto, CA 94301
+1.650.618.1725 (voice and fax)
Meson Group (JAPAN)
Matthew S. Hamrick
871-1, Ste. #301, Yokoda
Iizuka City, Fukuoka, 820-0044

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MBITA Develops Local Initiatives for eLearning and Global eCommerce with Four New Board of Director Members

MBITA was founded as a local international business league for the tri-county Monterey Bay region fifteen years ago. Six years ago it was selected as the Monterey Bay region partner to unprecedented public-private trade promotion program called BAYTRADE. Now MBITA has developed new initiatives to share its international network and expertise with the Monterey Bay area business community with new programs focused on eLearning and Global eCommerce.

Four new Board of Director members, all local leaders in business, education and technology, have joined the MBITA Board of Directors. They are: Dr. Ed Valeau, President of Hartnell College; Jeffrey J. Munks, Assistant Dean of
SFSU College of Extended Learning and founder of Language Line and Arista Knowledge Systems; Professor Victor Cordell of the Monterey Institute of International Studies (MIIS), the Monterey Peninsula Chamber of Commerce (MPCC) and Marcelo Siero of 'Houses.com' and former owner of 'loans.com' fame.

"With our new emphasis on providing Global eCommerce eLearning services to the local business community and in order to help us meet our new objectives for the new century, we are delighted to have the local 'movers & shakers' in education and technology join the MBITA Board of Directors", states Tony Livoti, Executive Director of MBITA.

MBITA's new program initiative begins with a series of Global eCommerce courses this summer at Hartnell College in Salinas, as part of its Workforce and Community Development Program. This program is intended for local entrepreneurs, business, industry and government. "By affiliating with MBITA as a leader in Global eCommerce eLearning courses, we believe that Hartnell College can be a model for the California Community College system in providing training in the new methods of conducting global trade", states Dr. Valeau of Hartnell College.

More information on all MBITA programs and services can be found in the MBITA web site.

You may register online for the course at Hartnell College, held on three consecutive Saturdays (July 7,14,21) at: http;//www.hartnell.cc.ca.us/pathways/

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Monterey Bay Region Forms Economic Ties with
Osaka, Japan with
G-BOC 2001

MBITA has formed an economic development program between the Monterey Bay region and the Osaka Prefecture in Japan.

Osaka plays a major role as the center of the Japanese economy. A rich store of knowledge rooted in history and tradition combined with a wealth of unsurpassed technology creates a powerful base for Osaka's vibrant and active economy. Osaka's GDP amounted to $318 billion putting it on par with that of a developed country. "Osaka is the heart of entrepreneurial Japan. Over two-thirds of its companies are small and medium-sized firms which match up well with the businesses in the Monterey Bay region", states Tony Livoti, Executive director of MBITA. "Our high-tech companies with their proprietary Internet technology is of special interest to Osaka's business community", continues Mr. Livoti.

As part of this region-to-region economic development Program, MBITA and the Osaka Chamber of Commerce have announced the G-BOC 2001 Conference in Osaka, Japan.

G-BOC 2001 will be held in Osaka on October 22-23-24, 2001. G-BOC is an annual international business event aimed at developing new business opportunities for foreign companies. This purely business-oriented event has annually contributed to creating new business opportunities on a global scale, through its unique pre-arranged 'Individual Business Talks', and up-to-date informative seminars and lectures.

To provide opportunities for efficient and fruitful business talks, the G-BOC Secretariat makes prior arrangements for talks between you and your potential business partners in Japan after considering your individual requests and needs. The Individual Business Talks cover a wide range of subjects including export/import, business/technical tie-ups, joint ventures, and investments in many fields of industries.

The "Individual Business Talks" at G-BOC are best suited for those interested in establishing business with Japanese companies or expanding their network in Japan. The G-BOC Secretariat will make maximum efforts to locate your potential Japanese partners based on your business needs and inform you of them prior to G-BOC 2001. Pre-arranged "Individual Business Talks" are unique to G-BOC, and are not found at any other international trade fair, exhibition or conference. This program has achieved satisfactory results at all prior G-BOC events.

G-BOC 2000 attracted 544 overseas participants from 32 overseas economies, as well as numerous representatives of about 2,500 Japanese companies. The G-BOC 2001 conference covers a wide range of subjects including export/import business, technical tie-ups, joint ventures, and investments in many fields of industries and aims at finding your best potential business partners in Japan.

"The G-BOC conference is just the beginning. We plan trade missions to and from Japan and have some more exciting trade promotion services coming soon with the Osaka Prefecture, says Mr. Livoti.

For details and online application visit the G-BOC 2001 web site
or call the MBITA office at 831-469-0148.

Email: gboc@osaka.cci.or.jp
Website: http://www.g-boc.com

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MBITA's New Century Plan

MBITA has many exciting plans for the next few years, which you won't want to miss!

MBITA is keeping pace with the latest in Internet assistance for international trade! Our Trade Manager is up on the latest URL's and technical tools online to complete most aspects of a global trade transaction.

Global eCommerce has become a specialty for MBITA Executive Director Tony Livoti. MBITA will be holding presentations and trainings throughout the three counties.

Working in alliance with the Far Eastern Center for Economic Development in Vladivostok, MBITA will develop an online portal to connect Californian and Russian Small-to-Mid Sized Enterprises.

Monterey is known as a "language learning center" and rightly this includes eLearning. MBITA hopes to co-host a conference in Monterey to promote the development and use of eLearning tools.

The large network of export assistance centers in California is closely tracking the implications of NAFTA policy and the development of FTAA. We will monitor regional impacts and keep you informed.

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