On June 23rd, 2010 over 100 professionals representing economic development organizations, trade promotion service providers, shippers and array of small to mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) met at the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce to discuss President Obama’s National Export Initiative (NEI) and how online solutions can help our SMEs meet the President’s challenge of doubling exports in the next five years.

Could't make it? No worry. You can view details and recordings of the conference presentations below.

Opening Remarks - Demonstrations on the New TradePort Web Site and Overview of the TradePort Collaborator (California Trade Partners' Intranet)
Tony LivotiTony Livoti

Monterey Bay International Trade Association (MBITA)

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TradePort.org was established in 1995 through a grant from the EDA of the USDOC as part of the Clinton Admiminstraton’s  National Export Strategy and was the cornerstone of the unprecedented public-private sector trade promotion program from 1995-2000 called BayTrade and LATrade. Over the years TradePort has been a free resource of the do’s and don’ts of global commerce and remains  today one of the longest running online global trade websites of free information and source for trade promotion services.

The new interface for TradePort will be presented plus a preview demonstration of the TradePort Collaborator which is a project management intranet model for trade promotion, investment and economic development organizations in California. This intranet is designed to leverage the resources of these organizations into a collaborative statewide online network to better serve SMEs to increase exports of their products and services.

Export.gov, A Government Powerhouse
Julie Anne HennessyJulie Anne Hennessy


Commercial Service of the U.S. Department of Commerce (USDOC), L.A. West.

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Are you looking for import requirements for your product in a particular market overseas?  Are you trying to find your product’s Schedule B number and related duties and taxes for a particular market?  Are you looking for information on how your company can benefit from free trade agreements?  Are you new to the export process and in need of information on the basics?

This presentation will discuss where you can find this information on Export.gov, the U.S. Government’s export portal.  You will learn how to navigate this tremendous resource available to you as an exporter and where to find relevant and timely information to help you expand into new international markets.

Export Details: A Must for Success
Maurice Kogon Maurice Kogon


El Camino College Center for Int'l Trade Development (CITD)

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The Internet is a goldmine of international trade tools, resources and information. The trick is to cut through the maze of possibilities to get to just the nuggets you need. In this presentation, we’ll show you four of our own Websites that cut right to the chase, all free to users. Our El Camino College CITD Website has over 1,000 “deep” links to international trade information in 12 categories and 56 subcategories covering all aspects of export-import process.

Our International Trade Compliance Institute (ITCI) Website includes very large, but easily searchable databases of regulatory terms, laws and regulations, and regulatory FAQs. Our Green Export Enabler Program (GEEP) Website provides a wealth of information on green technologies exports, particularly to China. Our newest Website features Podcasts on key export topics for both start-up and experienced exporters.

Made In Heaven For Exporters (virtual presentation)
Jane HagenJane Hagen

Founder & VP Marketing


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Web 2.0 has emerged with new terms such as desktop sharing, web conferencing, eConsulting, eTraining, social engineering, ‘gated’ professional online communities, blogs, wikis & podcasts   This presentation will explore how these new technologies apply to the online global marketplace where transactions, logistics, marketing, education and trade promotion services can be used effectively.

Taking It Global - Keynote Speech
Deborah PetersDeborah Peters

Change Agent

Neuro Engineering Institute

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Doing business globally requires knowing the cultural landscape. 

Every culture has a different “Thinking System” which impacts communication, time lines and the fundamentals of the relationship.

The foreign marketplace, for that very reason, can be foreign.  In this presentation we cover the specific “Thinking Systems” that exist in business Globally and tools and techniques to navigate them successfully.

The biopsychosocial Memes that affect growth, change and interaction through business are an every changing landscape and cannot be ignored.

If you are serious about doing business in other parts of the world, then this data is a must.

eCertify - Online Solution for Electronic Certificates of Origin
Carman RossiCarman Rossi

President & CEO

eCertify Pty Ltd, Australia

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Current paper processes are costing the export industry over $500 million per annum.  Learn how eCertify helps implement best practise, saves time, money and increases productivity by processing Certificates of Origin electronically.

In this presentation you will discover what a Certificate of Origin is and why chambers of commerce, exporters and freight forwarders are turning the existing paper-based process into a seamless and streamlined electronic system.

eCertify enables you to process documents online, and fits perfectly into the National Export Initiative to be more cost effective when competing in the global marketplace.

Global Trade Intelligence You Won't Find Anywhere Else!
Joe DavisJoe Davis

Pacific Regional Sales Manager

PIERS - United Business Media Global Trade

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Recorded Presentation.

Launched over 30 years ago as the Journal of Commerce’s first venture into electronic information, PIERS is a world leader and pioneer in electronic information services; providing current, accurate and comprehensive data on international trade. PIERS is the only provider in the industry that provides export, import, and rail data.

Learn how your business can use PIERS trade intelligence to identify new markets and sales opportunities; uncover global sources of supply; benchmark performance against the competition; defend intellectual property against infringement and counterfeiting; support strategic decision-making; and understand international trade trends and forecasts.

Build Online Trust and Privacy
Joanne FurtschJoanne Furtsch

Policy Product Architect


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What are best privacy practices and why do they matter for your small business website? Customers care about their privacy and trust websites that respect and protect their personal information, but it's a complicated privacy world out there for online merchants. Did you know, for example, that the law requires your site to have a privacy policy or that you need to take special privacy precautions when processing orders for European customers? In this presentation Joanne Furtsch will cover compliance burdens and best practices for creating a top-notch privacy policy. Moreover, she'll show you how privacy seals can drive increased profits and engagements on your website. That's the privacy payoff to help grow your online business!

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7th Annual Global California Conference Resonates the NEI

Audience GC 2010

Julie Anne Hennessy
Julie Anne Hennessy, Director of USDOC West L.A explains how Export.gov is a wealth of information for exporters.
Representatives from the government and private sector presented their particular online solutions designed to increase exports, such as global intranets, marketing techniques, document management, security and trust, competitive intelligence and export readiness all concluding with a ‘keynote’ speech on organizational ‘thinking systems’ or ‘memes’ and how understanding these concepts can help us succeed in a global marketplace.

A featured presentation was given by Tony Livoti, President of MBITA who manages TradePort.org  on a project called the TradePort Collaborator designed to bring California’s 37 public and private sector trade promotion service centers into a collaborative online workspace that  leverages the resources and expertise of these organizations to then better serve California SMEs to increase exports of their products and services.

Tony Livoti
Tony Livoti, President of MBITA demonstrates a new intranet for California Trade Promotion organizations.

The conference was organized by MBITA with the help of ‘key’ partners and sponsored by V-Cube U.S.A. Inc. who recorded the entire event. The recording can be seen which can be seen in full at http://www.mbita.org/gc2010/presentation-recordings2010.html

L - R : Maurice Kogon, Director of El Camino CITD; Carman Rossi, President & CEO of eCertify Ltd; Julie Anne Hennessy, Director of USDOC West L.A.; Brian Lotte, Operations Manager of V-cube U.S.A. Inc.; Cristina Polesel, General Manager of MBITA; Tony Livoti, President of MBITA and Joe Davis, Pacific Regional Sales Manager of PIERS - United Business Media Global Trade.

Monterey Bay International Trade Association (MBITA)

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