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Where's the Money and Markets
in Our Challenging Global Economy

April 3, 2009
Kellogg Auditorium
Silicon Valley Bank
Santa Clara, CA



8:15-8:45am REGISTRATION
8:45-8:50am Opening Remarks
Tony Livoti
Monterey Bay International Trade Association (MBITA)

Doing Business in Angola, Africa's Emerging Economic Powerhouse
Dan Mozena
U.S. Ambassador to Angola

Following a devastating 27-year civil war that ended in 2002, oil and diamond-rich Angola is in the midst of a massive crash program to rebuild its roads, railroads, ports, cities and virtually everything else and is linking up all provincial capitals with fiber-optic cable.  This session will explore the opportunities (and risks) that abound in Angola for American exporters and investors, albeit only those experienced on the international economic scene and patient and willing to commit to the long haul.
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Best Prospects for Silicon Valley in the Middle East and Africa
Karl Kailing
International Trade Specialist, Silicon Valley Assistance Center (USDOC)

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Customs Compliance in the Global Economy
Todd Acker
Regional Sales Manager, International Sales, FedEx Services

As the borders come down on the Global Market place, and more and more consumers worldwide are anxiously searching for the next "must-have" product.  It becomes absolutely essential that a business has control of their supply chain. Being first to market is important, but being able to supply your customers consistently is paramount.  Delays must be avoided at all costs.

Forgotten in the rush to fill orders, export compliance is essential.

Customs delays can stop a business cold.  Products are delayed, returned to shipper, or even seized every day around the world.  A sound Export Management Compliance Program is crucial.
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Trade Finance Tools for Exporting During the Economic Downturn
Gary Mendell
President, Meridian Finance Group

Amid the challenges in the world’s present economic situation, there are also opportunities for growth. The global financial crisis is not affecting every sector of the real economy. Many companies will continue to grow and in many cases their growth will come from export sales.

Facing limited access to capital in their own countries, foreign companies are turning to their U.S. suppliers for longer payment terms. This presentation will provide information about credit, insurance, and financing tools you can use to respond competitively to the global market’s heightened demand for trade credit.
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10:20-10:35am Break
10:35-10:55am Ex-Im Bank: The Exporter's Financing Assistance Source
Paul Watts
Business Development Officer, San Francisco Satellite Office,
Export-Import Bank of the U.S.

What is the Export-Import Bank of the United States? What does it do? Why does it do it? Who can benefit from what it does?  These questions, and more, will be answered by this informative presentation.

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Overview of SBA's Export Working Capital and Export Express Guarantee Programs
Jerry R. Avila
Regional Manager, U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA)

Mr. Avila who is the Regional Manager and with SBA's Office of International Trade works directly with lenders and export companies in assisting small business exporters through SBA's successful export financing programs.  In 2008 SBA reported 3,305 loans for $1.07 billon to small busines exporters.  SBA's programs are for businesses exporting or considering international trade because a successful export is not just about orders but also about shipping the goods properly and getting paid for the shipment.
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Inject Financing Into Small Business Exports to Create Jobs
John W. Dunlop
Chief Executive Officer, InterNetLC.com, LLC

The formula for our economic recovery on a global basis is through the small business export engine.  U.S. Small business needs financing support to be competitive in the global marketplace.  The financial meltdown of our national debt provides us with a unique opportunity to seize the moment to implement policies that will fuel the small business export engine to create more and high paying manufacturing  jobs. One of the ways we can turbo-charge the small business export engine is to provide export transaction financing that is based on the foreign sale and not the company's assets or personal guarantees.

John Dunlop of InterneLC employs leading online solutions for small business to finance the global trade transaction with cost-effective and efficient methodologies.  Mr. Dunlop will also outline his proposal for the federal government to take a more proactive stance in the financing of exports.
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Get More $ Out of Your Exports
Joseph G. Englert
President, Export Assist, Inc.

You have a profitable export business. You’ve worked hard to get here and you’re working hard to stay here. But are you putting your export sales to work for you?

Mr. Englert will discuss how many U.S. exporters can receive tax benefits based upon their annual export sales by using the Interest Charge Domestic International Sales Corporation (IC-DISC). The IC-DISC has been a part of the Internal Revenue Code since 1972 and is approved by the World Trade Organization. It is a tax-exempt domestic corporation that enables exporters to receive individual shareholder dividends taxed at 15% or to use deferred funds for pre-tax, low-cost working capital financing. Learn about the IC-DISC and how you can get more money out of your exports.
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The Gulf Coast Countries (GCC) - Best Markets in the Middle East
Michael Lloyd
Vice President, Marketing boutique agency Unique Image, Inc. and Editor-in-chief of ALO Hayati, America’s Top Middle Eastern Lifestyle Magazine.

A few years ago a team of young economists at Goldman Sacks released the BRIC’s report that reveal the business map of emerging economies. They identified:

…or BRIC. While the economists were correct in their global economic observations, they missed one of the largest emerging markets in the world; the Middle East.

Despite conflicting information about this region and many countries from within, the Middle East and North Africa are on a growth mission that accelerated over two decades ago. Many countries have been able to advance in technology, healthcare, and B2B activities rose to a record high.  Many have benefited from extensive local resources and major foreign investments.

Unique Image Inc. recognized the need for a cross-cultural bridging to enable international communication and to help businesses and consumers from the US and across the Middle East.  In 2005, Unique Image began publishing ALO Magazine, the premier US publication focused on shedding the light on cultures of the Middle East, Mediterranean and North Africa. Through its ethnic marketing department Unique Image Inc. has been able to build relationships between US and Middle Eastern businesses and to be recognized by many Middle Eastern governments.

The Middle East has extensive resources and opportunities to capture. Companies from all over the world including the US are trying to enter this market. Needs are increasing to continue building the local infrastructures and companies from IT, green technology agriculture and bio-technology will have great success if they plan and execute right.
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Masdar City Project Development Overview
Jim Sandoval

Project Engineer, CH2MHILL
Karin L. Larsen
North American Business Development, Masdar City - Property Development Unit, Abu Dhabi, UAE

This presentation will discuss the Masdar Initiative as a whole, including MIST, the Cleantech Fund, the Carbon Finance unit, Special Projects/Utilities, and Masdar City. It then goes into more detail with regards to Masdar City itself, its unique aims and goals, its business environment, the surrounding country of the UAE, the stages of construction, etc.  A short 5-minute video will precede the presentation and will depict visual representations of the city as envisioned by the architects as well as an introduction to the overall Masdar Initiative and its sustainability and renewable energy objectives.
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OPIC Support for California Small Businesses Investors Seeking to Tap Overseas Markets
Peter Ballinger
Director, Business Development, Small & Medium Enterprise Finance, Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC)

The Overseas Private Investment Corp. (OPIC), an agency of the U.S. Government that helps U.S. businesses invest overseas, fosters economic development in new and emerging markets, and complements the private sector in managing risks associated with foreign direct investment.  Mr. Ballinger will describe how California small businesses, and their foreign joint venture partners, can leverage OPIC finance programs and political risk insurance to take advantage of overseas investment opportunities that can strengthen their U.S. business by tapping markets in developing countries.  More information is available at www.opic.gov
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Exhibitions: A Cost Effective Market Entry Strategy

What markets offer the best opportunity for the growth of your business? Reed Exhibitions, the leading global tradeshow organizer can help you. They have international events in the following industries:
• Aerospace
• Building & Construction
• Composites
• Electronics
• Energy Oil & Gas
• Environment
• Fashion & Jewelry
• Food Service & Hospitality
• Hardware, Houseware & Allied Production
Tony Livoti will be making this presentation in behalf of MBITA corporate sponsor, Reed Exhibitions. • Machinery & Manufacturing
• Marine

• Marketing
• Medical
• Packaging
• Pharmaceutical
• Publishing
• Security
• Sports & Recreation

Tony Livoti
President, Monterey Bay International Trade Association (MBITA) will be making this presentation in behalf of MBITA corporate sponsor, Reed Exhibitions
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