Event Presentations 2012

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Branding The Monterey Bay Region to the Global Marketplace
Seminar Luncheon with Congressman Sam Farr
October 30, 2012 - Santa Cruz, CA

FedEx Global Trade Manager
Ursula Deshaw, International Sales Executive, FedEx Services
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Helping Monterey Bay Companies with Global Branding and Sales
Aileen Nandi, Commercial Officer, Silicon Valley U.S. Export Assistance Center U.S. DOC Foreign Commercial Service
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Sustainable Development and Innovation in the Monterey Bay Region
Chris Khan, President, Marie Butcher, Partner, G. Stearns, Board Member, Joint Venture Monterey Bay (JVMB)
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Financing Your Monterey Bay Region Export Sales
Mark Brody, SVP/Manager Napa CBC & Wine Specialty Group; Anthony Oriti, SVP and Managing Director, International Banking Division, Umpqua Bank
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Pinpoint - California Here We Come - Monterey Bay
Thomas A. Gardiner, California Representative, Pinpoint
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The Monterey Bay Brand, a Strategy for Success
Mary Ann Leffel, President, Monterey County Business Council (MCBC)
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Monterey Bay Regional Promotion Summary
Rodger Wasson, President, Alec Wasson, Vice President, WassonIdea Farming
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