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Monterey Flavor - Wine & Cuisine Conference

Category: Luncheons
Date(s) and Time(s): Friday, Nov 05, 1999, 03:00 AM - Friday, Nov 05, 1999, 03:00 AM
Venue: National Steinbeck Center
Address: One Main Street
City / State / Country: Salinas / CA / US
Organizer / Promoter: MBITA
Phone: 831-469-0148
Email: info@mbita.org
URL: http://www.mbita.org
Description: The conference will focus on the various business opportunities available in Japan for the Monterey County Wine & Gourmet food Industries with special presentations from a group of Japanese importers traveling specifically to Salinas to learn more about Monterey Countys growing wine industry.

This conference will demonstrate where the Monterey Flavor V Wine & Cuisine export promotion program is today, discuss follow-up strategies, and discuss the development of Phase II of the program. Phase I of the Monterey Flavor V Wine & Cuisine export promotion strategy was funded partially by a grant from the Monterey County EDC and the Board of Supervisors of Monterey County.


Time: 11:00am-noon

-Presentation on the Japanese wine market from the Japanese External Trade Organization (JETRO)in San Francisco.
- Individual presentations from Japanese companies interested in importing bulk and premium wine to Japan.

Time: Noon lunch-1:30pm - Luncheon

-Presentation on transporting food & beverage to Asia.
Speaker: Josh Levine, Meridian Worldwide Transportation Group.
- Presentation from MBITAs staff on the Monterey Flavor-Wine & Cuisine Phase II export strategy.

Time: 1:30pm-4:00pm

One-on-one personal meetings with Japanese importers.
(Please call the MBITA office to request a one-on-one meeting)

For reservations:

Kcall the MBITA office at
or email info@mbita.org your contact information:
Will attend whole seminar
Will attend only pre-luncheon session
Will attend only luncheon session
Would like one-on-one personal meeting with Japanese importers

DATE: November 5th, 1999 (Friday)
PLACE: One Main Street, National Steinbeck Center, Salinas, CA
TIME: 11:00am-4:00pm
Price: $16 members; $21 non-members

Tony Livoti / Cristina Polesel
(831) 469-0148

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