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The Middle East - Opportunities Abound

Category: Seminars
Date(s) and Time(s): Friday, Jan 30, 2009, 10:00 AM - Friday, Jan 30, 2009, 01:30 PM
Venue: Fuji Buffet
Address: 525 Water St.
City / State / Country: Santa Cruz / CA / US
Organizer / Promoter: MBITA, TradePort.org and GlobalCalifornia.com
Phone: 831-335-4780
Email: cristina@mbita.org
URL: http://www.mbita.org/events/middle-east.html
Description: In collaboration with
Foreign Commercial Service (USDOC)
Silicon Valley Center for International Trade Development (SVCITD)

The Middle East in the last decade has conjured thoughts of war, unrest, terrorism and our dependence on foreign oil. However, looming behind the daily and worrisome headlines of the war and terrorism are the Gulf Cooperative Countries (GCC) of Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. These countries present great opportunities for technology, business acumen, products and services that American companies can provide.

Please join for a seminar and lunch with professionals having extensive business experience in the Middle East. They will discuss their ‘keys’ to success when conducting business in the Middle East and the GCC.

Christina Sharkey, Senior International Trade Specialist, U.S. Department of Commerce - San Francisco office, will guide the audience on a tour of the different regions of the Middle East and the opportunities that they present for American exporters. She will focus on best prospect industries for each region and will discuss market entry strategies. Furthermore, she will touch on business customs and common mistakes made by American businesspeople when doing business in the Middle East.

Patty Lundeen, Manager, Design, Wet Design
A Case Study for Thriving in the United Arab Emirates
This presentation will focus on not only surviving, but actually thriving while doing business in UAE. Topics discussed will include our experience in developing WET’s presence, opening a local office and creating a ton of business. It will be personalized with my extensive experience working in the area.

Unique Image Inc. and ALO Magazine.
A few years ago a team of young economists at Goldman Sacks released the BRIC’s report that reveal the business map of emerging economies. They identified:

…or BRIC. While the economists were correct in their global economic observations, they missed one of the largest emerging markets in the world; the Middle East.

Despite conflicting information about this region and many countries from within, the Middle East and North Africa are on a growth mission that accelerated over two decades ago. Many countries have been able to advance in technology, healthcare, and B2B activities rose to a record high. Many have benefited from extensive local resources and major foreign investments.

Unique Image Inc. recognized the need for a cross-cultural bridging to enable international communication and to help businesses and consumers from the US and across the Middle East. In 2005, Unique Image began publishing ALO Magazine, the premier US publication focused on shedding the light on cultures of the Middle East, Mediterranean and North Africa. Through its ethnic marketing department Unique Image Inc. has been able to build relationships between US and Middle Eastern businesses and to be recognized by many Middle Eastern governments.

The Middle East has extensive resources and opportunities to capture. Companies from all over the world including the US are trying to enter this market. Needs are increasing to continue building the local infrastructures and companies from IT, green technology agriculture and bio-technology will have great success if they plan and execute right.

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