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Category: Conference
Date(s) and Time(s): Monday, May 06, 2002, 03:00 AM - Monday, May 06, 2002, 03:00 AM
Venue: MIIS, McGowan Bildg. Rm. 100
Address: 411 Pacific Ave.
City / State / Country: Monterey / CA / US
Organizer / Promoter: MBITA
Phone: 831-469-0148
Fax: 831-469-0917
Email: info@mbita.org
URL: http://www.mbita.org
Description: The Monterey Bay International Trade Association (MBITA) is hosting a group of Russian Telcom executives on a fact-finding mission for training and future business relationships.
For reservations please contact the MBITA office

10:00 a.m. to Noon: Presentations - Admission free. Reservation required
MIIS, McGowan Bildg. Rm. 100,
411 Pacific Ave., Monterey, Ca.

Noon to 2:00pm: Lunch & Networking - Price: $15.
Old Fisherman’s Grotto
39 Fisherman’s Wharf, Monterey, CA 93940

Mr. Aleksey Krasovvskiy-Executive Director of Kashad, Saratov
Primary products: Design, manufacturing, installation and service for telecommunication equipment and systems (80%), mainly installing local area networks for different city enterprises; office equipment sales, repair and service for copy and fax machines (20%)

Mr. Alexei Smusev-Technical Director of Ekvitas, Volgograd
Primary products: Networks and telecommunication technologies

Mr. Andrei Semenov- Director of Aversa, Nakhodka
Primary products: Create separate communication networks. Enhancement and optimization of actual communication networks. IP-telephony. IP and ISDN- videoconference communication. System integration in telecommunications. Access to the Internet. Set up web-and mail-servers. Domain name registration. DNS support. Corporate web- sites establishment, access to corporate databases in online mode.

Mr. Sergey Goncharov- Director of Firma SKART Ltd., Krasnodar
Primary products: radio stations, radio relay equipment, satellite communication systems, telephone stations: their installation, maintenance service, sales, repair, assembly and commissioning.
Mr. Vladimir Kanakov- General Director of Energostroyoptik, Moscow
Primary products: Promotes advanced telecommunication technologies in Russian market, manages both small and large projects on design and installation of telecom networks, provides cabling and installation of radio-relay, fiber-optic lines, using the infrastructure of existing power transmission lines, tele-mechanics; installation, assembly and maintenance of telecom equipment. Will open a regional affiliates and service center.

Mr. Ilya Semenov- Heads Professional Telecom Systems Dept. of Saltan, Ekaterinburg
Primary products: Equipment sales, installation, programming and registration of professional radio communication systems (trunking systems with PABX interconnections, conventional radio communication systems, WLL fixed telephone interconnections systems based on DECT and FDMA standards, VHF/ UHF telemetry data send systems based on Motorola and Ilya’s radio equipment.

Mr. Sergey Borisov- Director of Kompyuter, Volgograd
Primary products: manufacture of telecommunication equipment. 40% installation and maintenance service of software, 60% local networks & telephone stations

Mr. Yevgeniy Savlev- General Director of Tekhnosvyaz, Ekaterinburg
Primary products: Over 1000 different types of circuit boards for telecommunication systems and equipment.

Mr. Stanislav Petrovskiy- Manager of Internet Project of Udacha Plus, Lubertsy
Primary products: official representative in Lubertsy of the leading Moscow region ISP, PTT-Moscow Teleport, official distributor of the Internet payment System E-port for more than 40 providers, represents regional program for cell communications. Yandex, a dealer of Internet cards Digital Network www.dialup.msn.ru, online directory. Lubertsy (http://Inet.ru/telefon), also develops business sites and provides Internet access.

Mr. Fedor Zotov- General Director of Sovremennye Kommunikatsii, Dmitrov
Primary products: Wide spectrum of Telecom services, including cabling, installations, maintenance, developing complex informational-communications systems, TV, switching to global nets, providing continuous power supply, system Integration; IT, creates wireless channels for information transmission; ISP and Internet services. Has over 1000 clients with 24/7 service.

Mr. Mikhail Tsoy - General Director of Raifen, Dimitrov
Primary products: design, development and installation of external & internal networks and communication systems; cabling, installation & assembling of computers, telephones, electric nets, radio communication. Provides services for more than 5000 clients for many cities in the Moscow oblast. Designed and established computer communications between three Savings Bank affiliates in Dubna and also installs local computer networks.

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