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This 90-minute Town Hall offers public and private perspectives on new developments and technologies now emerging from the marine science community of the Monterey Bay offering unprecedented solutions for us to strike a balance between economic growth and responsible stewardship of our oceans on a national and international level.

The terms Blue Economy and BlueTech have no agreed upon definition, but, a common theme is the importance of ocean and coastal ecosystems and resources to our economies. Blue Voice is a concept on how to talk with one voice about both the Blue Economy and BlueTech and how ocean observing and ocean services fit into these terms.

This Town hall panel will discuss suggestions on how scientists, managers, analysts, and engineers determine the most important issues to address with regards to marine science services and what are the gaps in blue technology that innovators should address.

Further discussions for this Town Hall will address what areas of marine science technology, services and expertise the daunting challenges our oceans face today have the most potential for commercialization in the global marketplace. Also further insight of what aspects of the Blue Economy best relate to the efforts now being made to address Climate Change.


Rick Spinrad, Chief Scientist, NOAA.
Government and overall perspective.
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Patrick Kinney, Founder and President, Kinnetic Labs.
Kinnetic Labs has been in business for over 40 years in Santa Cruz successfully working on marine science projects, primarily in the North American continent.
–Private sector industry.
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Michael Graham, Professor of Phycology, Moss Landing Marine Lab (MLML), a part of the California State University system who presented some very new technology and concepts on aquaculture and the commercial uses of algae.
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Chris Scholin (invited), CEO, Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI).
– Non-profit perspective.
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Brad Barbeau, Associate professor at CSUMB College of Business; Executive Director, the Institute for Innovation and Economic Development
– Discussion of Startup Weekend.
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Jenn Patterson, Information Manager, CeNCOOS.
– Importance of ocean observing to the Blue Economy
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